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SRW W new pv (long version)
February 6, 2007, 2:03 pm
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New srw w pv (long version)

Lots and lots of cut-ins for GaoGaiGar and Tekkaman Blade series
Professor in HOME and Red Frame Power Loader as playable units
Londo Gina Sahaku in Astray Gold Frame and Lang from Detonator Orgun as enemies
Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter combination attack

New Gunpla news
February 6, 2007, 8:39 am
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New Gunpla news
MG MS-06J Mass-Produced Zaku Ver. 2.0 – April, 3,675 yen
HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 2 – April, 1,575 yen
EX Model Oggo – April, 3,675 yen
BB Senshi Verde Buster – April, 630 yen
HCM-Pro Ground Type Gundam – 1/200, April, 2,625 yen
HCM-Pro Freedom Gundam – 1/200, April, 2,625 yen
MG Strike Noir
HGUC Gelgoog/Gelgoog Cannon
1/100 Akatsuki
EX Model Hildolfr
HCM-Pro Gelgoog (Kuspen version)
HCM-Pro Gelgoog (MS IGLOO version)
HCM-Pro Char’s Rick Dom (Special Painted version) – March, 3,150 yen
HCM-Pro RX-78-2 repaint – March, 1,890 yen
HCM-Pro Guntank repaint – March, 1,890 yen
HCM-Pro Zaku II repaint – March, 1,890 yen
HCM-Pro Rick Dom repaint – March, 1,890 yen
RRR New Layzner

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