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February 21, 2007, 11:31 pm
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  • Favorite system featured, like J, choose 3 favorite series to gain upgrade and cash bonus
  • Stage 1 – Set sail in the Sea of Space: The Ardyguns must take a container to Earth, but they’re attacked by space pirates! Kazuma deploys in the Valhawk, but another unknowns interfere. At the danger of enemy reinforces, the Trailers are rescued by Duo and Quatre.
  • As seen in the Promotion Video, Duo and Quatre join the team at the first stage.
  • Orgun appears in his Evoluder version, as they fight other Evoluders.
  • Stage 2 – White Iron Knights: At Orbital Ring, the Space Knights are attacked by the Radam. It’s up to Tekkaman Blade and Blue Earth to contain them. Once again the unknown appears, and now it names itself Orgun.
  • Duo asks Kazuma if the Valstork isn’t a ZAFT made ship, but even Kazuma doesn’t know.
  • Screenshots show an intriguing Orgun VS Tekkaman Blade
  • Orgun’s quote: “I won’t allow Radam to invade…” and a prediction of good amount of crossover between these two.
  • Orgun is actually a NPC, so to be careful not to let him steal all of the kills.
  • Even Noal has a cut-in O.o
  • Stage 3 – Mission “Order to destroy Nadesico”: Nergal Enterprises develops the Nadesico, and with their most orthodox crew, they plan to set sail to Mars. However, they’re attacked by the Earth Alliance Forces, the Ardyguns are hired for that task too.
  • Flaga appears as an enemy in his Moebius Zero. His quote: “…They’re saying so, what now, commander?”
  • Nadesico is an ally, fighting off Jovian Lizards reinforces, and the Ardyguns decide to fight them off first

HCM-PRO 1/144 RX-78-2
February 21, 2007, 9:43 am
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HCM-PRO 1/144  RX-78-2

New HCM-PRO Line up in 1/144 scale with detail up