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NDS Emulator No$gba v2.3d
February 28, 2007, 7:30 pm
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NDS Emulator  No$gba v2.3d
It’s working full speed!, no sound
But speed is better desmume v0.6

Graphic speed is perfect for SRW W



How to use ?
1. Copy nds rom to No$gba folder
2. Run eNDryptS Advanced.exe and press botton 1 to Decrypt rom

    after finish close program (Don’t forget to backup nds rom in this step)

3. Open NO$GBA.EXE and open file nds rom

DOWNLOAD No$gba v2.3d

Add mirror link



thank : No$gba

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i think u forgot about the saving part… which no$gba can’t do at the moment as far as i recall

Comment by Zepheris

Ive try it but got rom crash error
and after a few config as on developer site
no crash but blank screen

Am I miss something?

Comment by RJ

hey does anyone knw how to get the password for the downloaded ROM.. i downloaded the ROM but i needed a password from to extract the file.. i cant get the password.. its all in chinese.. it seems that u need to register wit a chinese mobile phone number.. i dun have one man.. any ideas?

Comment by Ritchie

hey i try the eNDryptS Advanced but always give a mesaje error of faulire procediment (sorry of my bad english) because the rom is not the right dump, 870-Super Robot Taisen W, please what is the true dump

Comment by Kurono

the given link for Download
saids that “file not found”


Comment by devil

try the official site of the no$gba but that´s not work because i try the process of decrypting but the eNDryptS Advanced allways launch a mesaje error “1 rom( s ) failed”, in another words the decrypting don´t work, please help

Comment by Kurono

OK add new link

Comment by superrobotwar

please upload the dump what you have, the version 0870 – Super Robot Taisen W (J).nds not work when i try to encrypt with the eNDryptS Advanced allways give me the message of “1 rom failed”

Comment by Kurono

I have enrypt + emu but not working.It need 2 biosNds7 and biosNds9.Can u give us the link to download it.Thanx very much

Comment by Lyner

Please help after pressing new game there is amn introduction then it says rom image has crashed whats going on?

Comment by Kaiser

please i need the the bios files

Comment by Anonymous

i got it to work, thanks alot. guys dont open up NO$GBA.EXE, it will crash. drag the SuperRobotTaisen onto NO$GBA.EXE. the only problem is you cant save.

Comment by Joelin

Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

Comment by Bill Compton

just one problem, cant save, is there any files or any thing that can help?

Comment by matt

I can save, No problem for me

Did you try to use save states?

Comment by superrobotwar

how do i save? i’ve tried saving it in the game but does not work? any suggestions?

Comment by nik

I decrypted the file but I get A blank screen.
Can any1 help. plz

Comment by vulpix

its still laging like a bitch

Comment by biach


Comment by Guruchel

that shit dont work you cannot save the game

Comment by lui

hey, i can load the game but i get a battery problem. how do u solve dat?

Comment by vorticity

this sucks! nothing works! is there anyone here who really knows something about this? come on guys! a working free emulator pls…

Comment by impatient

ppl i got it.. i found a way to save without losing data or yur game. look here, rigth click on the emulator, then hit save state, just choose a folder and then a name hit save button. then close it. open everythin up again, then rigth click on the emulator again, hit load state then click on the save file yu created. yu will get a screen freez, dont worry… it happend to me. just reset it and it will come up as if yu never close it. NOTE: DONT REPEAT THE SAME PROCESS AGAIN AS IT WILL CRASH YUR GAME. once yu done that yur game should save correctly…

Comment by Wing 0

My website is way better than this one

Comment by Tommy myers

Hey wing 0 9 i tried wat u said but it didnt work, i really need to know how to save and load state, because, for some reason on pokemon ranger i cant save it properly and if i die i have to start all over again! so plz can some1 help!!!!

Comment by Naj

Naj, i am pretty sure that pm ranger is able to save. Mine is fine-i mean they ask u whether u’re going to save or not after each mission and there are plenty of saving machines around the map AND inside the ranger base. (Btw, u can also ‘quicksave’ in the middle of the game..u just click the big circle that’s in the upper left corner beside ur styler hp-and then quicksave.) If it still doesn’t work, then ur rom is werid. get a new one since mine works.

Comment by me

sorry for the type-o

Comment by me

wazzup its good but theres a new version available in the offical site

Comment by unknown

Naj, with pokemon ranger you need to change some of the emulation setup.

gba mode to “vga(poppy bright)”.
gba cartridge backup media to “Flash 64K panasonic”.

and that should be it! hope that works for you

Comment by Wolfe

sorry i forgot something.

NDS Cartridge Backup Media to “Flash 512KBytes

Comment by Wolfe

fuck bullshit the file is not save

Comment by Raijin

i’ve tried save state but when i load state the rom will be crash…
have idea…
(and sorry for my broken language)…

Comment by loki

link for eNDrypts advance {^^}

Comment by bbllasd

i can play the games and all that but when i try to save games i click on save state,its saves but when i load the state it says a rom crash thing,got any useful tips?

Comment by alvin

No$gba its a Heur.w32 Virus Watch out it slow down programs other games and its possible it put security off well my security fall out becouse that gba even my internet say activivty was bizzy strange.

Comment by Joey


Comment by Anonymous

The emulator I use to play Pkmn Diamond n Pearl are too sloooow!!!! Any good no$gba emulator that fast?!

Comment by Anonymous

it seems like everyone is having the same problem…i feel much better..xP..

Comment by Leo

my load state does crash, howd i fix this?

Comment by Ox

New version (No$gba v2.6a)

Comment by superrobotwar

i think i have a bad rom does any 1 no where to get a better 1

Comment by Anonymous

nao sei nao acho meio chato emulador de nintendo ds

Comment by wagner

i like this game

Comment by Bobby

you can search in google

Comment by Ahmed

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