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SRW OG Divine wars Ep 25 torrent
March 29, 2007, 7:55 am
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Last episode



SRW OG Divine wars Ep 25

(Bittorrent)   Format AVI    file size 306Mb


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Well, that was the Last episode, will there be a Season 2, seeing as there is OG2 ?

Comment by Andy

I hope so

Comment by superrobotwar

SRX fused with the R-Gun Rivale to become Astranagant… Interesting…
Whether will there be a OG2 sequel after this, we will see.

Comment by codename:v

Actually, it fused with Dis Astranagant to become… DiSRX. Yeah, I know. Weird as hell.

Comment by Anonymous

All this time Euzeth was inside the bloody Septuagint? Sheesh! What a last minute entry to make. DISRX, if you asked me, it’s pretty ugly though.

Comment by codename:v

Actually SRX didn’t fuse with anything, The crystals were able to create Astranagant to rescue the SRX, and SRX came into contact with the crystal, by powers of Tetraktius Grammaton (or maybe Dis Rev) it replaced the missing parts with the original Astranagant parts(obviously from the appearance) and able to become some sort of sync robot that has SRX combined with Astranagant, though there is really no official name for it…yet..

Comment by Anonymous

DiSRX is offcial name

I read from supablog

And DiSRX is in tv animate only

(will not have in srwog ps2)

Comment by superrobotwar

It is out on the Youtube!

Ep 25 Part 1

Ep 25 part 2

Ep 25 Part 3

Comment by Nexus

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