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Super robot taisen og new PV 3
May 24, 2007, 12:11 am
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ART-1 VS ????

Super robot taisen og new pv 3

video clip format RM 45Mb  full PV


thank :

or watch on youtube

Ryusei and ART-1

Huckebein is invisible ?

Don’t have any Huckebein in this PV

I don’t understand

Why they remove Huckebein out from SRW Divine war animate and SRW OG PS2

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I believe that’s a Bartoll that ART-1’s fighting. There’s a cleaner version of this up on Youtube,

Comment by Matt Taylor

That’s because Banpresto isn’t allowed to use Huckebeins in their promotion and any SRW related prints due to their similiarities with Sunrise Gundams, which can creates confusions and misinterpretations. Whether would they remove the Huckebeins from OGS or not, we’re not sure as there aren’t confirmations made officially by Banpresto and so far these are only rumours spread among SRW fans. Even if they remove the Huckebeins, this OGS would become a major flop.

Comment by codename:v

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