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SRW OG PS2 PV4 (Update PV4 good quality video)
June 20, 2007, 6:14 am
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(Update PV4 good quality video)

Promo video 4 from SRW Premium member club

Update PV4 good quality video

format mpg   size 20Mb



Can you see this shots in pv4

Huckebein is still in the game!


Here is streaming watch online




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Looks like Rio MeiLong and the AMG Gunner are back in. That means the Huckies are still in!

Comment by codename:v

I can’t open youtube T^T
ประเทศไทยเค้าเลิก block youtube แล้วเหรอครับ???

แล้วระบบมันคือเล่น OG, OG2 ได้สองภาคพร้อมกันเลยเหรอครับ??? งงอ่ะ ถ้าใช่ งั้นก็แปลว่ามัน port มาจาก GBA เปล่าครับ?

Comment by NhEuOi

No Thailand still blocking youtube….. Well you can choose to play OG1 or OG2 from any order and it is ports from GBA version and nice system upgrade, music, battle animation and voice!!!

Comment by AI Yun

Come to this way

No blocking

Sample link pv4

Comment by superrobotwar

yah by that that ip i won’t get block but the video can’t be watch either thx anyway seem like i have to wait until the game come out or some people put it bittorrent in tokyotosho like PV3.

Comment by AI Yun

wai wai thx for the video… X3

Comment by panda

oh my buddha!! i love you man!!! this pain finaly come to an end.

Comment by AI Yun

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