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New Gundam 00 characters
August 7, 2007, 8:26 pm
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New Gundam 00 characters

from newtype mag



translations detail

copy from gunota headlines


Celestial Being
Sumeragi Sumomo (Ri? wacky kanji middle name) Noriega – Tactical forecaster of the Celestial Being mothership Ptolemaeus. Not a captain but essentially the top ranking officer on the ship so she takes command. She basically plans all the tactics the Gundam Meisters take part in. 26-years-old. Long, black hair.

Christina Sierra – Ptolemaeus’ tactical operator. Highly-skilled as a programmer so she has a career from being discovered by Celestial Being. Has a good-natured personality and has the deep trust of her comrades. 22-years-old. Brown-haired.

Felt Grace – 14-year-old tactical operator, same as Christina. For some reason or another, she seems to not be good at communicating with others. Has a wealth of mechanic-related knowledge and so joined Celestial Being anticipating that. Pink-haired.

Lichtendahl Caeli – 21-year-old with a cheerful personality and Ptolemaeus helmsman. Including him, the mothership’s leadership is made up of no more than 5 people.

Lasse Aion – Ptolemaeus’ gunner. The mothership’s combat ability can be said to be governed by him. A 25-year-old who often acts cynically.

Wang Liu Mi – A beautiful 17-year-old celebrity. Today, the Carribean Sea, tomorrow, Japan…she works hard at her social life in financial circles traveling around the world. In reality, she’s a secret agent who supports the Gundam Meisters from the shadows. Pig-tailed girl in the trailer.

Hong Rong – Wang Liu Mi’s butler. Accompanies her faithfully and refers to her as “ojousama”. He is also an Agent.

Graham Acre – A pilot belonging to the MS team. 27-years-old but is ace level and flies a Flag. He’s fixated with the Gundam Excia. The blonde guy in the trailer.

Saji Crossroad – 17. A resident of Japan’s special economic zone and a senior high school student studying space engineering. A gentle person who often shows off Louise.

Louise Halevy – 17-year-old student overseas. Studies space engineering like Saji. Is his girlfriend. Her personality is very selfish.

Kinue Crossroad – Saji’s older sister. Pursues Celestial Being during the course of working in the media. 22-years-old.

Human Progressive League
Sergei Smirnov – MS team commander. 43-years-old. Uniformed man with the parted-hair in the trailer.

A certain Middle Eastern country
Marina Ismail – Azadistan’s first princess. Flies to other nations seeking aid to support her country’s economy. 24. Black haired woman in the trailer.

Patrick Corlasawar – AEU forces ace pilot. A hot-blooded guy.

Rumored info posted days earlier but with names and descriptions matching the Newtype info so on the face of things, these seem reliable:

Felt Grace – In addition to the above info, female Gundam development genius.

Haro – Lockon’s partner. Orange.

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I love GUNDAM 00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \^0^/

Comment by Azusa Ryuuzaki

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