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SRW OG Gaiden Release date
October 6, 2007, 9:34 pm
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SRW OG Gaiden Release date from official site

27 december 2007

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If Banpresto delays it for some reasons again, I’m not surprise…

Comment by codename:v

but the release date was already announced,I have even preordered the special edition at playasia

Comment by Mazinkaiser

Yeah they promised to release another SRW OG title THIS year, so if they delay it, they’ll let down a lot of fans.

Comment by shady123

In case you guys forgotten the last time what they did to OGS, they changed the release date about 3 time and delayed it for almost a year…

Comment by codename:v

But, OGs was all-new material. Alpha 3 recycled a lot of shit and even that was pushed back once or twice.
OGG has only a handful of new stuff in it so it’s not so likely to be late. Hell, some of OGG’s additions were already in OGs, like Daigenguar’s attacks, the data was all there, it just wasn’t used in the game.

Comment by anonymous

This year banpresto have a lot of thing to do

Comment by superrobotwar

Coming Soon… Count Down in 2 months and 19 days ( not so exact days 😛 )

Comment by RJ

how about stopping all this “delaying” crap and hoping for releasing it in that date,k?

Comment by Leonx

I don’t mind delays, as long as it’s because they found a problem and are trying to fix it. I’d rather have a delayed, perfectly working game, over a glitchy game that gets released on time.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

It seems no other LOE units.

Comment by Anonymous

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