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Gundam ace magazine this month
October 23, 2007, 8:08 pm
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Update New mobile suit from mobile suit gundam unicorn ! 

* Unknow name and detail

Pics from Gundam ace magazine this month  

Mobile Suit Gundam 00F (Gundam oo side story)

OH my god, 3 gundam oo side story from 3 magazine in 1 day

Gundam 00F info from gunota headlines
GNY-001 Gundam Astraea
A proto-unit in the Gundam Exia lineage. Has the name of the goddess of justice depicted on the justice tarot card. Equipped with a mask for hiding the fact that it is a Gundam.
Design by Kanetake Ebikawa

GNY-004 Gundam Plutone
A Gundam proto-unit. Has the name “Pluto” from the “judgment” tarot card. Appears as though it has a function corresponding to its card meaning of “rebirth, change”. Judging by the model number, was it discontinued during development? It seems to have a (?) connection with Chall in the past.
Design by Takayuki Yanase

Chall Acoustica
Fon Spark


MG Gundam unicorn Ver.Ka

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If the Gundams designs can be applied to the grunts in OO, this would be more fun. Unfortunately, it wasn’t carried out. Trying to bend it like Front Mission? I don’t think so. Then again, there will be no more bishies…
Hoohaa! The MG Unicorn is a killer!

Comment by codename:v

Man thanks for the great updates,can you please add the links to download Hobby Japan 12 & Gundam Ace

Comment by Daizengar

Hobby Japan 12 bittorrent will coming soon

Comment by superrobotwar

Is there a torrent or other download for Gundam Ace? I love the magazine, but it’s practically impossible to get where I live.

Comment by Chikyujin

No have torrent or download link for gundam ace mag

Comment by superrobotwar

That new unit… Universal Century Huckebein!!! XD

Comment by Folka

Huckebein? Folka, that’s more like Hyakkushiki.

Comment by codename:v

百式 indeed, probably a descendant!

Comment by Tsai

Just found out this gear:

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus, probrably a mass-pro version of the MSN-001 Delta Gundam

Comment by codename:v

thank for link codename:v

Comment by superrobotwar

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