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Famitsu this week
October 24, 2007, 12:05 pm
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REVIEW RATINGS: SRW Scramble Commander 2nd [8,8,7,7]
* Fixes what was broken with the last one
* Special attacks are usable too rarely, and not worth upgrades; it helps to think of them as special.
* Forgiving of mistakes
* Movements sharpened up
* Movement takes a bit of adjustment
* Too little money and EXP to keep units up to date
* “Pursue” command makes it easier for the player to keep up

NEWS: G-Generation Spirits (PS2/Bandai Namco/11/29)
* Char Custom Zaku II, Gouf Custom, RX-78-4, Deep Striker, Qubeley MkII, F-91, ν, Mother Vanguard appear
* “Chance Step” occurs when defeating an enemy, allowing another move
* Up to 8 units can participate in group attack
* Preorder bonus is “G-Gene Spirits Disc”; game PV and video of Moriguchi Hiroko

Source: NeoGAF