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New mobile suit : MSN-001A1
October 26, 2007, 2:18 pm
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 Update new scan and mecha info

Gundam unicorn official site update


Mech info translation from gunota headlines

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus (Earth Federation)
Head height: 19.6 m
Base weight: 27.2 t
Generator output: 2,460 kW
Maximum thrust: 92,400 kg
Sensor radius: 16,200 m
Armor: Gundarium alloy
“Anaheim Electronics variable MS supplied to the Nahal Argama after losing the majority of its mobile weapon complement to fighting with the Kshatriya. An all-purpose strike machine useable in all domains with its waverider form, which flies under 1G of gravity and has unassisted atmospheric entry capabilities. Since it is a nonstandard prototype difficult to place in a unit, it’s thought it was sent to the Nahal Argama, which makes use of a lot of similarly nonstandard things for a single warship.”


New mobile suit from gundam unicorn

MSN-001A1 δ (デルタ) プラス “Delta plus”

Mass-product version of the MSN-001 Delta Gundam

*Thank codename:v for this pics

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Char would love to pilot that MP Delta Gundam, about the first one, the next R-Blade ?

Comment by NT1

Char is dead and that’s not the R-blade…
Sheesh, can’t all the SRW players tell the differences between a Gundam mech and SRW originals?

Comment by codename:v

I eas joking about the Huckebein stuff! The Gundam mechs are rather different!!!

Comment by Folka

Hmm you buddies must learn that not all people say are serious, I was joking, well Delta Plus really does look like R-Blade and that MP thing surely does look like one of Char’s favourite Hyaku Shiki

Comment by NT1

Char is not dead yet…. pls go and see the Gundam series.. 😛

Comment by RJ

Both Char and Amuro are dead, they were killed during the Axis deep impact on earth.
Found some better pictures:

Comment by codename:v

Both Char and Amuro are dead, they were killed after vast amount of newtype energy pulled Axis into orbit.
Found some better pictures:

Comment by codename:v

Thank, but i got this pic yesterday

Comment by superrobotwar

is the Hyaku Shiki Delta gonna be a fix figuration or HGUC kit???

Comment by GUNDAMZII

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