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New SRW OG full action figure
October 30, 2007, 6:37 pm
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New SRW OG full action figure

SRWOG FAF-028DX   Bellzelute

SRWOG FAF-029DX   Arblade

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Wait a moment, Bellzelute isn’t in OG yet, or maybe it’s a little spoiler that it might appears in the next OG game ?

Comment by NT1

I don’t think this skinny mech would ever make it in OG at all. Basically, Banpresto plamos doesn’t mean confirmed appearances in the game and only served as a merchandise line.

Comment by codename:v

If they had to make models, why did they pick the ugliest of all J originals?

Arblade makes me happy though, the only downside is that it’s not the Custom.

Comment by Anonymous

I mean Bellzelute is original mecha

Everybody know, Bellzelute is come from SRW J

Comment by superrobotwar

Original generation stands for original mechs not as the mechs from the game really.

Comment by Ekove

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