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Mobile Suit Gundam Ghiren’s Greed: the Menace of Axis
November 28, 2007, 4:17 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam Ghiren’s Greed: the Menace of Axis (for PSP)

News from famitsu this week


Bandai Namco, Release date 7 Feb 2008

– ZZ, CCA scenarios added
– Federation, Zeon, AEUG, Titans, Axis selectable at start; can start play from the Gryps Conflict
– MS IGLOO and Harmony of Gundam MSes will appear.
– Due to the wide spread of the game, covering from the One Year War to Char’s rebellion, “Blood of Zeon” system is reduced in importance. Replacing it is a system that lets you choose your faction’s relative morality—“Colony drops and poison gas? We’ll leave that to your imagination.”
– Units can now be set to self-control by type.
– Over 400 types of units appear, counting variations. “We’d like to think we’ve pretty much got them all by now.”

Source: NeoGAF

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Just when i think Bandai need to remake SDG Next from SNES.

Comment by ubr

Please bandai, I need SD Gundam G Generation Portable 2

Comment by superrobotwar

[…] colleghi del SRW Blog hanno scansionato alcune pagine di Famitsu,le potete trovare su questo indirizzo  ed una la riportiamo qui sotto e,inoltre hanno fatto un’integrazione sul sistema […]

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