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December 1, 2007, 3:36 pm
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New pics from Gundam ace magazine



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Aside from the SRWOGG scan, the rest are brand new. I can see that Unicorn has a new art style after Fukui changed the artist.
What a lame OGG article, as this is already 3 months old and all we get is a lousy Genspenst MK-II custom…

Comment by codename:v

Maybe they only show that to hide some robot as surprise when we playing OGG later.

Comment by ubr

Maybe yes, maybe not, OG is getting a little too cheap… Let’s hope so.

Comment by codename:v

Maybe you should try animating those sprites and let’s see how fast you can make them. 😛

Comment by Anonymous

Maybe Banpresto is gonna surprise it with ART-2 and ART-3 or something, so far only the new gespsent and the cat jet are the new units?
Surprising has been banpresto’s game lately.

Comment by Ekove

ART-1 is a RXR model which is a REAL robot like the Huckebeins, I don’t think there would be a ART 2 and 3. Since the SRX is still operational at the moment, most likely Banpresto decides to just keep the SRX as she is, which means no new units for the SRX team.
By the way, Ekove. You’re a artist and you’re into mecha? Do you have a webpage?

Comment by codename:v

Nope, not yet 🙂

Comment by Ekove

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