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famitsu mag this week
December 19, 2007, 10:35 am
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Latest famitsu mag review scores:

Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden (Banpresto): 8, 7, 8, 8  (31/40)


* Chacters swap around a lot, so until later stages it’s tough to have fun upgrading and pilot swapping.

* Bonus card game was probably good enough to merit its own release.

* System isn’t really changed from OGs.

* Battle viewer and other features make it double as a pretty good fandisc.

* Takes a while to open up to player-controlled organization.

  Scan info from NeoGAF


Armored Core : For Answer

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just 1 pt. above spirits???

Comment by chris

Not much innovations, I suppose. This is lame, the card game and 1-on-1 battle just not able to make up for the merits to the game.

Comment by codename:v

whatever they say i cant give it less than 36, this game can only be BA6

Comment by FinVortex

You guys are really fuzzy, aren’t you ?

Unless you will really buy the game and
not just wait for the torrent to come out
and download it latter, give it a break
will you ?

You won’t be the one paying the game in
that case…

Comment by SRW big fan

Man forget you haters, I can’t wait for this game to come out. I’m still not tired of playing OGS, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this game a lot. Can’t wait to use the Gespy MKII Kai and all the other new stuff. I hope they tie up some of the loose story ends left from OGS.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

haha, code is bitching again
man, you’re so fucking pathetic

Comment by anonymous

I will download and buy the game so what is ur problem

Comment by FinVortex

Finvortex started bitching again,

You will download and buy the game ?

Ha ! It means that you are a liar !

How the hell can you download and
buy the game at the same time ???

If you don’t like SRW then why are you
still here ??

Stop venting your frustration here !

I will support SRW no matter what !

Comment by SRW big fan

Pada ga tau game bajakan yah?

Comment by besi_tua

Hussss, jangan bilang2 soal itu 🙂

Comment by ubr

Well, well, well… Look like the whining anonymouse brought her girlfriends here to tell people off. Let’s face it, losers. SRW is the biggest rip-off mecha game of all time and that’s one reason now that Banpresto’s ass is NamcoBandai’s.

Comment by codename:v

hey hey wait the reason why i will download the game is so i can play it as soon as possible until, while waiting my copy to arrive, delivery can keep me waiting for weeks and i can not afford that.

so i think that “SRW big fan” should mind his own business next time

Comment by FinVortex


1. If you don’t like the new SRW then
why did you say you will download and
buy after I replied to you ?

You said you cannot afford to wait for
your copy to arrive so you will
download; but previously you said that
you don’t like the new game !

That shows how inconsistent you are !

You said one thing now and other
things then !

2. I 1000% doubt that you will buy the
game after you downloaded it !

I’ve seen people said the same thing
and you know what ?

They never buy it ! It’s a fact !

It’s a lame and cliche excuse !
Everyone can say that too !

So you are the one who should mind your
own mouth !

Comment by SRW big fan


One more thing to say to you :

I have personally nothing against people regardless how they will eventually get to play SRW in the end.

BUT. I’m strongly against those who just
want their frustration (which is likely
related to other stuffs) and simply posted
bad things everywhere !

You said that you will download since you
cannot wait means that you want to play
the game badly.

Want to play the game badly means you have
no problem/ nothing against it in the 1st
place !

SO why did you say that you don’t like
it in the 1st place ? Isn’t it
contradictory ?

It means that you feel frustrated/angry
with other things and you just want to
vent your frustration here !!!

In that case, vent it somewhere else and
not here !!

Comment by SRW big fan

SRWBIGFAN: Lemme ask you, what gives you the rights to tell people off? You’re behaving like a GIRL, y’know. Unless you’re really a GIRL…
This is what ACG fandom has become nowadays, a den of whiners and hooligans.

Comment by codename:v

Code V please shut up will’ya,if u’don’t like please don’t play. if u’think it rip-off please don’t buy it. I can’t respect people that say it lame but still buy and play it.
Yare yare,orang luar negeri ga’ tau game bajakan sih,kan murah lagi

Comment by Bocah Nakal

Well, well, there’s a forum war in here. Anyway, I will wait for buying this game (SRW OG Gaiden) because I don’t tired for playing all SRW games. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

codename v, you are the one who must
shut your mouth !

If you don’t like SRW then why do you
post here ?

Bi***ing a****les like you are the bane
to SRW !

A girl you say!? You are THE GIRL because
you like bi***ing around !!!!

SRW makes lots of people happy because it
got lots original stories, charcters and
mechas not included in the anime/manga !

Just like Bocah Nakal said, if you don’t
like SRW then don’t buy and don’t post
hateful things here !!!

I 1000000% doubt that you will buy
the original disc ! I’m 1000000% sure
that you will either download or buy
rip-off one ! Most likely download from
torrent !!!

Like I said before I have no problem with
whatever way people get SRW as long as
they don’t say hateful things !

I’ve seen a****les like you posting bad
things about SRW and even other games
in other forums and it’s so sickening !!!!!!

Comment by SRW big fan

Please guys, stop it! Discuss of those things in another place. Those comments are unrelated to the topic!

Comment by Folka

hey “SRW big fan” just tell me when did i ever say i dont like the game.SRW is my favorite game series ever.

and just for ur information i already preordered the game . and also as i said i will download it to be able to play untill the shipment arrive. because i dont like my friends to spoil the game for me.

so please please please mind ur own business

and an advice for u in life, u should accept that u r wrong sometimes, U R NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

Comment by FinVortex

oh wait “ba6” does not = “bad”

ba6 is not an english word, i think that is what caused the problem.

ba6 = great

Comment by FinVortex


Well, I think you’re much better than
codename:v 🙂

I guess I’m also getting too emotional
particularly due to codename:v’s comment,
so let’s call it a quit.

I’ve been to some websites/forums previously
where some ignorant people said bad things about
SRW series and I guess that what makes
me very angry when someone also post
similar thing in place like this…

Now back to SRW OG gaiden…

I’ve played SRW OG and SRW OG 2 and I
cannot wait to see the continuation of
the main story from OG 2.

New characters and mechas are also
interesting of course.

It’s too bad that the original characters
and mechas from some other SRWs such as
SRW 3rd alpha and such will not make
appearance though…

Or is it ? Hopefully they will put as
many original characters and mechas from
other SRW series 🙂

Comment by SRW big fan

Oh wait, I almost forget to add :

It seems that if you finish SRW OG (PS2),
and use the save data to play in SRW OG
Gaiden, you will get the following bonuses:

For EACH story that you finish (3 stories in total) = OG, OG 2 and OG 2.5, you will
start with bonus 50000 capital !

Not bad, isn’t it ? 🙂

Comment by SRW big fan

thanks for ur understanding “SRW big fan”

and about the credit bonus from OGs, it will be 50,000 per title. which means u will start OGG with 150,000

Comment by FinVortex

to FinVortex,

Sorry for interrupting. About the credit bonus, based on srw website, I think you’re right. Maaaaannnnnn, I will play all Banpresto’s games (SRW games (from PS1 to PS2)) ever because SRW games are the best game in my life. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Bener kau bocah nakal, better buy the game (yg bajakan) than download it.

Comment by ubr

no wait “judo” when i said titles I meant only OG1, OG2 and OG2.5
so u should only finish OGs on PS2 to get the whole 150,000

well i dont read japanese but that is what i think it is.

Comment by FinVortex

to FinVortex,

About that, I have finished all OGS stages. Do not worry about it. I will wait the next game and I will play all SRW games again. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

good for u judo

and good luck

Comment by FinVortex

I read Japanese so I’m sure that for
each story (there are 3 stories in total
in SRW OG PS2) you will get 50,000.

SO finish everything and you will get
150,000 bonus capital which means that
you might even start with more than
150,000 in capital since it’s called
“bonus” (150,000+starting capital ?) 🙂

150,000 – now that’s quite a lot for
starting the game ! 🙂

Comment by SRW big fan

i got about 2 millions from og2 to 2.5, so 150,000 isnt so much, but i cant complain.

but what do they exactly mean by “starting capital”?

Comment by FinVortex

Actually the term “starting capital” is
a term that I created to indicate the
amount of capital that you have when
you start playing SRW for the very 1st

Since the 50,000 – 150,000 capital is
mentioned as “bonus”, I belive that the
total capital when we start playing SRW
OG Gaiden by using clear save data from
the previous SRW OG = starting capital +

I might be wrong though…

Anyone have different opinion ? 🙂

Comment by SRW big fan

i dont have any other opinion left in this matter, and i dont care anymore since the 27th is near. X)

dont u think that this topic has the most comments ever 🙂

Comment by FinVortex

Oh, take a good look! Mr. Codename V’s actually looking down on women! Haha, how’s that for an Asian version of apartheid, huh?

Is being a girl that bad a thing, eh, idiot?

Comment by Reliant Chrossheaven

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