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Daizenger Ikkitousen
December 21, 2007, 1:38 am
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“Daizenger Ikkitousen”

Daizengar with Aussenseiter ”Pferd Mode”

Kotobukiya Non scale



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I might be in the minority here, but I would actually prefer a non-transforming Aussenseiter kit over this. I’ve always liked Aussenseiter more than Dygenguar.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

this product will include both figures?

Comment by beamknight87

Ehm, it’s not related but can I ask superrobotwar a favour? Can you send me an e-mail cause I’ve a favour to ask you? Thanks in advance.

Comment by Folka

I’d like to see a kit that has Aussenseiter transform into the horse, now that would be cool.

Lets think allowed, if Beian Zoldak invented Aussenseiter to back up Daizengar, than what do you think he intended for them to do together!!

I mean the sword Daizengar uses is the one from the Grungast 3, which was not in Zoldak’s plan. So I have to wonder what he really wanted them to do? Maybe the answer will be in OGG

Comment by Daizengar

Yes, Include Daizengar in box.

Comment by superrobotwar

Aussenseiter is in the wrong scale.

Comment by dodgethis

No, Daizengar is too small and in the scale.

Comment by codename:v

If anything, they should have made Aussenseiter to scale with Daizengar. You do know which kit came first, troll?

Comment by dodgethis

new dizenger face too ^ ^

Comment by kadej

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