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New mobile suit from gundam oo
December 21, 2007, 12:29 am
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Update 3 new gundams line art

Gundam Throne Eins, Gundam Throne Zwei, and Gundam Throne Drei.


 Gundam 00 MS & Character Selection: Mission 02 ( cardgame)

It’s will have 3 New mobile suit.

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New Gundam for Gundam Meister??

Comment by Debris

Can someone translate it??

Comment by besi_tua

Only the heads look different.

Comment by Cobray

I agree with Cobray, they look like the
same mass production type unit with only
different armaments…

It’s a trading card pack called “Mobile
Suit Gundam 00 MS and Character Selection MISSION : 002”

It consisted of 65 cards in total (6 super rare cards, 4 “00 rare” cards, 10 rare cards
and 45 normal cards).

Included in the cards (scheduled) :
1. New Pilot A
2. New Pilot B
3. New Pilot C
4. Setsuna.F.Seiei
5. Lockon Stratos
6. Allelujah Haptism
7. Tieria Erde
8. Wang Liu Mei (“The Chinese Celeb girl”)
9. others

A. New gundam A
B. New gundam B
C. New gundam C
D. Gundam Nadleeh
E. Gundam Exia(New equipment)
F. Gundam Dynames(New equipment)
G. Tieren (Commander Type)
H. others

So there will be 3 new pilots
(gundam meisters ?) + 3 new gundams in total

I’m also wondering about the so-called Gundam Exia(New equipment) and Gundam Dynames(New equipment)…

Comment by SRW big fan

Oh I forget to add :

1. 00 rare cards = 2-faced rare cards
2. On the backs of each cards is the
detailed official data for each unit/pilot
3. Will be on sale by the end of March 2008

Comment by SRW big fan

They looked ugly…

Comment by codename:v

Oh, I just noticed from their names that
those three new gundam are of the same
type but with different armament
(1,2 and 3 in German)

Comment by SRW big fan

I believe they are union gundams. My only basis really is design, especially the feet. The archs and sharp edges are common in all the union mechs up to this point, so just my guess. I think if union then it kind of ruins the uniqueness of the Gundam name. Could be a new faction for all we know. Hate getting leaked info, when given only enough to answer less questions then the amount that arise with the info. Or as said, could be same general gundam design but not a one of a kind, but somewhat MP like Raider Gundam series in Seed universe. If it turns out CB will be 7 Gundams vs current situation, unless the rest of factions join up and get better suits the series will be too one sided to even watch anymore. Hope the Throne name is maybe referring to someone who thinks better then and his own army (Tiera.. cough cough)

Comment by Tekimagic

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