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New Gundam OO mecha
December 22, 2007, 3:13 pm
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New Gundam OOF mecha from Gundam Ace mag this month




New Gundam OO mecha from Hobby japan and Dengeki mag this month 


Gundam Throne Eins

Gundam Throne Zwei

Gundam Throne Drei





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The 3 new OO designs are just too odd and way too 80s’. Is this some kind of joke?

Comment by codename:v

I actually really like them, especially the Zwei now that I see it’s got a badass sword. The only new Gundam I don’t like is the Drei. The head looks a bit too wierd for my tastes. I think the Ground Flag and Astraea Type F are cool as well.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I don’t like it

Comment by superrobotwar

Eins’ head makes it looks like it’s one Athrun’s suits.

Zwei looks ok.

Drei’s head looks like Hyaku Shiki Kai’s.

Comment by Cobray

The 3 new gundams looks veeeery good to me
especially the gundam with big sword

Comment by Roa

are the three new gundam for the celestial beings or for their enemies?

Comment by chris

I think 4 gundam is enough. Too many Gundam remind me of… SEED Destiny. What are they thingking? I mean Gundam was supposed to be ‘rare’ and ‘exclusive’ mobile suit. 7 gundams are just too many.

Comment by besi_tua

I hope the new gundams will be on
“the enemies” side.

The difference in fighting capabilities
between the gundams and other the mobile
suits is simply RIDICULOUS.

4 gundam is already enough for celestial

If the new gundams are also on celestial
being side then it’s not a war anymore
it’s a one-sided mass killing then.

Comment by SRW big fan

i think the mecha design and story for Gundam 00 is almost the same as Mai Otome n Zwei…all the names are quite similar… lol

Comment by RJ

Is it Twin Bird Strike? 😛
== Back to comment ==
their designs are not look like what gundam should be but they try to refer to something so I might have to wait it until it show on the screen, I guess.

Comment by line

GNY-003 name is there.

I translated the name and its Gundam Aburuhoru Type F, since i don’t see the ブ clearly it may be プ (Pu) Apuruhoru. Well, atleast in japanese they are pronounced that way.

Comment by Anonymous

LOL is dat sum Gerwalk Gundam?

Comment by CyberSynaptic

This is stupid, they wanted to do a GERWALK stint and they ended up with this half-past-6 mech. Man, are they trying turn OO into some PARIAH Gundam anime?

Comment by codename:v

I think the GNY-003’s purpose is to test flight and transformation capabilities and it makes sense because the 3rd generation Gundam which is GN-003 Kyrios finally has a humanoid form with transformation capability. Since this is a prototype to Kyrios, that has got to be the reason why it looks only half humanoid.

Comment by Zato

I’m 95% sure the GNY-003’s name is “Gundam Abu al-Hol”

Abu al-Hol is the Arabic name for the Great Sphinx at Giza. It means “Father of Fear”.

Comment by recognizer

I kidna like the new design for the 3 new gundams. It looks a bit weird at first but it kinda grew on me. I’m sure after see what their capabilities are I’m sure more people will like them.

Comment by Y

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