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New MS from Seed Frame Astray
January 12, 2008, 4:23 pm
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New MS from Seed Frame Astray



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lol, but nice idea

Comment by FinVortex


Comment by Folka

ugly…foolish name style…

Comment by oh

this…. this ….. this is !!!!!Ultimate Zack

Comment by kadej_R

Hospital Zaku is certainly new for SEED Frame Astray, but the mecha itself isn’t new anymore. It was originally featured in Dengeki Japan’s run of SEED Destiny Astray three years back.

Comment by Ngee Khiong

Here are the full details of its equipment, from Destiny Astray:

Comment by Recognizer

Does it meean that virtually you can have any type of ?-use MS ? 🙂

Comment by ANIMEFAN

These days you can see all kinds of weird ideas being thrown into Astray, first they give a Gelgoog-like Astray Mars-Jacket, then comes the Guard Shell…

Comment by codename:v

The Best Zaku ever

Comment by Roa

why not name it dr. zaku? or zaku nurse? why the hell would robots need hospitals for??? what they need is a VULCANIZING SHOP!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(or is the robot for humans?…)

Comment by ryan

And the pilot is a doctor.

Comment by Anon

Maybe this is some kinda moving hospital for injured army n publics… Or ambulance in MS form. Nice idea actually… Something to help people who need treament a.s.a.p. But the name is kinda funny 😀 What about ‘Medic Zaku’ instead?

Comment by me

That would suck for the people in it if that Zaku gets destoryed..

Comment by Darm

u guys… this unit is for transport, it moves the M.A.S.H. building to their destinations quicker and faster.

thats why this unit is a non-combat type.

(trust me i know what im talking about, imma mecha Enthusiasts.)

Comment by rathet2012

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