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Gundam Musou Special
January 18, 2008, 6:54 am
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Update: GAME Watch and Itmedia add some new screens of Gundam Musou Special

New scans of PS2 Gundam Musou Special [Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Special]


Source: A9VG


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This game looks sucks how come a ps3 game come to ps2 get series 😛

Comment by srw4ever

It looks fine to me. I appreciate the backwards porting, considering the fact that it makes this game that much more accesible. Why not backwards port a game, if possible? So far it looks pretty close to the PS3 version, all things considered. I’ll probably buy this version, if possible, instead of the PS3 version, because I don’t have to buy any extra hardware for it.

Comment by Neolordmaxwell

Agreed. As far as I know there are still many
games that can be developed on PS2 platform and
it will also make them much more accessible…

I heard that even until know there has not been a game that can utilize 100% capabilities of PS2, no
need to mention PS3…

Comment by SRWbigfan

Gonna but it for sure. Anyone know the release date?

Comment by besi_tua

Now you guys can count on for your dreamy OG3 on PS2…

Comment by codename:v

besi_tua check previous news

Comment by superrobotwar

“This game looks sucks how come a ps3 game come to ps2 get series”

Because you touch yourself at night.

Comment by deez nuts

Cant wait for this game to be release….cos i can save my money for buying a PS3 for this game lol

Comment by RJ

they have not used all the capibillity of the ps2 unlike the xbox 360 how do i now this i own 49% persent of sony stoks

Comment by francisco

PS2 🙂

Comment by 846173396

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