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Arblade Custom release!
January 29, 2008, 10:47 pm
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Arblade Custom release!


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Finally. And now, let’s wait for the kit to be delivered to me!!!!!!

Comment by Folka

Me too

Comment by superrobotwar

Why not get two? Seriously, I’d consider it for an R-blad and an R-blade custom… lol.

Comment by Neolordmaxwell

Cobalt-blue on warm-gray is terrible colour combination and this is way rip-off of Banpresto to come up with such money-making scheme to get suckers purchasing 2 R-blades at the same time just to swap armor… Why won’t they just do the ejectable armor stint on a 1/144 Wildwurger?

Comment by codename:v

There’s no difference between releasing two of one kit with swappable armor and two seperate kits, you’re still buying two models. This is conveniant because they are released at the same time. Maybe you have to paint, but model kits should be painted anyway, that’s why they aren’t Full Action Figures.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Oh great, now we have to repaint the ‘ordinary’ Arblade to match the colours of the Arblade custom or the other way around. Tell me, how many of you are avid modelers who has an array of airbrushes, Tamiya colors, Mr.this and that and an air compressor in your tool box? I’m not surprise if the figure is only 2 out of 50 gaijins are really well equipped and why plamo company like Bandai makes things so convenient for all ages.
If I have to fork out twice the price for ‘armour swappings’, I think it’s more worth the value by just purchase the Twin Birds duo.

Comment by codename:v
My personal webpage. It’s hardly an issue for me.

Comment by Neolordmaxwell

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