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Super Robot Wars Kanshasai 2008
February 1, 2008, 7:01 pm
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Super Robot Wars Kanshasai 2008 (SRW Thanksgiving 2008)

scheduled on 19th April 2008

Special event thank for the SRW series has sold over 12.6 million copies.

In the event have producers live talk show, premium live concert, special video

footage of new SRW project. Guests include Ichirou Mizuki, JAM Project,

Hikaru Midorikawa, Ryotaro Okiayu , Yumi Kakazu.

Source: Suparobo, Famitsu

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I like this part the most:
“Special video footage of new SRW project”

Comment by NT1

Or they can put it as a farewell closing ceremony for both SRW and Banpresto…

Comment by codename:v

“special video footage of new SRW project”

What would that be? Looking forward to it

Comment by besi_tua

That would be SRW A Portable.

Comment by superrobotwar

Oh I see. I thought the other SRW that Terada working in now.

Comment by besi_tua

Mmm, I think both of them (AP and new srw) will be shown at the kanshasai 2008…

Comment by Folka

“new SRW Project” is pretty vague, isn’t it?

That event seems pretty big, so wouldn’t it be a waste to show something “minor” like a port that’s already been announced 3 months before the event?

Comment by Troll ver. KA

Can wait for new games for this year!! SRW in PS3?!

Comment by RJ




Comment by Roa

Can’t wait. ^_^

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by besi_tua

I suppose he doesn’t figure people who play japanese games can actually read japanese. I love trolls, now we get to have two!

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Yeah but unlike code V, this guy is just a coward.

Comment by besi_tua

Wow…great..more idiots..

Idiots are an amazing group of people..

Comment by Cobray

Cobray: That also makes you part of this IDIOT group.

Comment by codename:v

[…] Kanshasai 2008.. […]

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