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Endless Frontier Official site update
February 15, 2008, 8:01 pm
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Endless Frontier official site has been update in characters profile and game system section.

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nice and some how stupid !!!

Comment by srw4ever

3rd cyborg girl; a female ninja who might be a GUY; a cat-head furry pimp and a hunky demon. Now what does all these reminds you of? Baywatch? Or maybe girl loves AVGs…

How I really miss the good old days of 2D Beat’em-Up games like Final Fight series, Powered Gears, Cadillacs&Dinosaurs, MJ Moonwalker etc where I do get more adrenalin pumps and hot-bloodness, even boobs flashes did not divert me from whacking up grunts and bosses.
Unfortunately, Endless Frontier is neither any near to that and I deeply mourn for the mechs whose roles were overshadowed by bimbos.

Comment by codename:v

OK we knew that it could be just worse and worse, the characters are indeed bad, I know that this title has to do something with SRW, but it is stupid that the mechas are human sized and I think all of us like them big, not so puny
All left is gameplay, it could be good
And if it is not, we can always hope for the next SRW title
And if the next one sucks… bye bye Banpresto

Comment by NT1

Bye-bye Banpresto? Well it is, after April Fool…

Comment by codename:v

I do have to agree that these characters suck pretty hard. The mechs are just recolors of existing robots so far anyhow, though, so this just seems lame all around. But hey, I bet KOSMOS in a Gespesnt has to be somebodies wet dream come true out there. All I can say is that I have absolutley no reason to have interest in this. Extra money I’m not gonna be spending, I suppose.

Comment by neolorddmaxwell

We can only hope that the gameplay will be good, but if it’s anywhere near Namco X Capcom, it’s going to have a medicore gameplay. Oh well, I never expected much from this game anyway.

Comment by shady123

Kosmo has her own mech, doesn’t she?
I like that one better.

Comment by codename:v

“I bet KOSMOS in a Gespesnt has to be somebodies wet dream come true out there”, she must try very “hard” to get it, because the Phantom has 3 meters

Comment by NT1

to get in* I mean, like all the other
mechas, their lengths are less then 4 meters
I mean common, this is Super Robot Wars, Super Robots are meant to be big, just look at Daitarn 3 or Gunbuster, this one is smaller then ArmSlave, or even Aura Battlers

Comment by NT1

I don’t see the big deal with the robots being human sized. It’s not like the size ever played a factor in the SRW games. The sprites were all about the same size, the Super Robots were maybe 1.2x the size of a real robot graphically, and everything was super-deformed.

This time, they look proportional, which is a nice change of pace.

Comment by Blue

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