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Perfect Change CYBASTER
February 19, 2008, 7:27 pm
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Studio Halfeye Announced Cybuster full transformable action figure will be on display

at Wonder Festival 2008.

Wonder Festival 2008 (garage kit convention)  takes place in Tokyo on  24th February.


* pics of prototype products

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Gone buy it for sure i think its worth it

Comment by srw4ever

The banner’s pretty catchy, but at least they should show a full-bodied prototype for some oohs and wows.
For some reasons, I just don’t understand why all the attentions on one of the worst mechs in OG series. Basically a striker unit-which means shorter hit ranges and weak weaponry (even with Fury casted), the Psybuster has been turned into a paper tiger in OGS & OGG despite its fame for being one of the most popular OG mechs. What more, Masaki Ando is such a BAKA pilot when it comes to focus and dodging attacks, arrogance seems to be his flaw. If you compare the Psybuster with the Valsione, the Valsione is a lot more better when it comes to combat and comes with alter image dodgings when morals up. What more you can equip stuffs onto her to increase versatility during battles.
Perhaps some of you still can accept the flaws of this mech in OGS and OGG, I felt that Banpresto’s move to render it into a paper tiger just isn’t right and totally deappreciate Psybuster’s status. Not to mention other OG mechs like Grungust 1+2 and Huckebein 008L were also deappreciate as well.

Comment by codename:v

Whoever reads your post may end up thinking that this is the first time they’ve posted news related to action figures.
Although I don’t agree when you say that Valcione is stronger than Cybuster (especially in OGG), I agree that it should be much stronger.
Funny thing is, Cybuster is insanely good in the card game, I would even call it the best unit card.
But I guess fans should be grateful that Terada decided to power it up a little in OGG, since he obviously hates it.

Comment by Anonymous

The Masoukishin robots/characters need to be more appreciated (i.e. Granveil, Goddess, Zamzeed etc.).

I like Cybuster, but I hate Masaki. All he ever does is “SHU!! YOU’RE NOT TRICKING ME AGAIN” crap.

Comment by shady123

Yeah, Psybuster is kick-ass in OGG card game but not in the gameplay, that makes the Psybuster a PAPER TIGER-coz’ it was printed on paper.
And seeing it as a garage kit, this white elephant will burns a hole in your pocket with its big fat price.

Comment by codename:v

Paper tiger? So what? Who buys a model because of its STATS? People buy models because they think they look cool.

Comment by Blue

i seconded that!!!

Comment by yasser anas

Whatever, afterall Psybuster is like GOD to SRW fanGIRLs. Tell me, how many times the Psybuster nearly got shot down by grunts in OGS and OGG? Being in the hands of a BAKA like Masaki Ando, no doubt Psybuster despite its big shot status among OG mechs, has been reduced to PAPER TIGER, or maybe TOOTHLESS TIGER, or maybe FEATHERLESS NAKED EAGLE… shortly speak, WEAKENED. Man, you just can’t trust hotblooded hero-types anymore ‘coz Banpresto’ve just made their balls smaller for bishie attics. Overly used to casting spirits in RPG really makes you WEAK, that’s why I support skill activations via AP counts and charge. Now I can see that OGS and OGG were actually sex-change previews to Endless SAGA:SRW, what a pity…

Comment by codename:v

What you speak of has no relation at all to the fact that people buy models because they look cool.

Comment by Blue

Sorry but my Cybaster is strong enough to take all grunts alone. Just equip the High Efficiency Electronic Brain and little upgrades will do the trick.
And yes, your comments has nothing to do with the model.

Comment by amuro0093

With just one sword and capable of changing into Psybird mode, I think Psybuster has very little to offer with its overly-decorated feature, which is clearly lack of innovations compared to Chougokin series like Dancougar, GodMars and later Daimos. So much for the wait.
Being compared with its closest relative, the 2007 Reideen, the Reideen has more features like God Bird, God Marine, God Arrow, God Sword and God Wand. So I wonder, why not work on the 2007 Reideen instead of some fanboys’ OG mechs?
The bottomline is, by following blindly at fanboys-crazed stuffs just doesn’t make you exceptional. Psybuster is afterall a fanboy’s amalgamation of Nu-Gundam+Reideen, which is just a copycat work of these 2 anime mechs. Studio Halfeye should broaden its perspective instead of scrutinise on SRW fandom only. You don’t have to make a Psybuster, you can try others like 2007 Reideen, Art-1, ZOE etc. Anything that stands out from the rest, so customers won’t go *YAWNNNNN ZZZZZ*

Comment by codename:v

“So I wonder, why not work on the 2007 Reideen instead of some fanboys’ OG mechs?”

Think about it in a business perspective. Do you really think companies really care what mech they make as long as it brings in lots of money? I mean, I agree that Reideen (new version) has more features, but which, between Cybuster and Reideen would it sell more? As you say, Cybuster is a “fanboy” mech, so that means it will sell well and that’s why they’re making it. It’s certainly more popular than Reideen, so they would rather go with Cybuster.

It’s the same as Gundam. Gundam SEED/Destiny themselves sucked, but did that stop companies from making toy models of the mechs? Kids would go “ahhh” and “oooohhh” and companies would be getting their dirty $$. Get it? It’s that simple.

Comment by shady123

Actually, making a Cybuster model doesn’t even make that much sense business wise.
Cybuster has seen little to no action in recent SRW games (and when I say “recent” I’m just being nice). OG series obviously isn’t helping in selling Masoukishin to new fans, since there is little to no story progression (OG2 had its fair share of annoyed players with the forced Cybuster deployment, and who can really blame them), and when there is story progression they manage to ruin it (Ragnarok). Also Cybuster isn’t that awesome gameplay wise, with the MAPW’s half AP gain limitation and Cosmo Nova being too weak to justify the one ammo limitation. So really, there is no appeal for the new fans (which makes me think what the hell does code mean with “fanboy-crazed stuff”?).
I think that a Cybuster model is too little, too late.

Comment by Anonymous

“I think that a Cybuster model is too little, too late.”
No doubt about that, they(Banpresto) should have mould the sword while it’s still hot back then. Unfortunately after 16 years, the magic is gone with Psybuster being rendered into a papertiger for no good reasons. And yes of course, my comments has nothing to do with you guys who are willing to spend a bomb on this paper tiger. But I think you guys should broaden your perspectives and options in toys collecting, there has to be something else much better than just the Psybuster. If you ask me, I would go for the Chogokin God Mars instead of that paper tiger.

Comment by codename:v

Um…i only like the fukin robots

Comment by Anonymous

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