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Kit Review: Arblade Custom 1/144
February 21, 2008, 11:59 pm
Filed under: Hobby

Full review at へたれClimax F

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*Yawnnnn* One after another, man when can we shake this Arblade hot air off? Can we just talk about something else like Keroro MK-II Mechs?

Comment by codename:v

When a studio makes Cybuster, you complain that they aren’t making ART-1. When a studio makes ART-1, you complain that they’re not being original. If they made the Keroro mechs, you’d be complaining about them being too cutesy, simplistic, or pandering to the latest trend.

Comment by Blue

Code-V just wants people to listen and agree with his opinions and get attention. If he were to make his own blog, nobody would care, so he pisses and whines over here to bother all of us. That’s how he gets his jollies, so the best thing to do is try and ignore it. He’s like a three year old thowing tantrums- you can’t get through to him untill he stops.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

The ones who is acting like a 3 year old are those who WHINE after my posts and bad-mouthing behind me like a COWARD. If this is how you want to get along with me right here, then bring it on. If you want TRUCE, then show it, MAXXIE.

Comment by codename:v

Alright, I will speak directly to your face. You have been wearing your ass like a hat the entire time you’ve been here. You never have anything positive to say, which is damn annoying and unwelcomed. You yell at people here for incomprehensible reasons, and you make idiotic assumptions about us based on shit you read on 4-chan.

I can handle the negativity, but everything is about the tits with you, or what losers Super Robot Wars fans are. Just stop, please. Beause that is nothing but trolling. Hell, maybe you’re just joking about it all- I don’t know you. But nobody else does either, and all we have to go on is your constant piss-fits. It’s tiring, and I’d just like it to stop.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

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