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New Mobile suit from gundam 00
February 22, 2008, 5:06 pm
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GN-X : New MS from Gundam 00 tv series equipped with a GN Drive

(First appear in episode 20)


From Gundam ooV


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If the GN-X uses the same GN Drives as Thrones, then they are tau types, which can be used for a limited time only. In my opinion, Throne Eins Turbulenz looks like Regenerate Gundam and Kyrios Gundam.

Comment by AdamJ

Can anyone translate the description for the GN Arms please? 🙂

Comment by zato

It doesn’t seems to need translations at all, basically in solo form it can provides rear-line fire supports from a distance and when combined, it powers up the Excia, that’s all.
No matter what, this GN arms just cannot shakes off the shadow of Zeta’s G-defender armor module for Gundam MK-II. This is purely rip-off and nothing has changed. LAME

Comment by codename:v

Why is everyone so quick to pull the “rip-off” card? We haven’t even seen what this thing can do yet, so unless it has missle pods, a large beam cannon, and detachable cockpit/escape shuttle that can be piloted by another person, then it’s nothing like the G-Defenser (at least call it by the right name) from Zeta. I personally think it’s going to be more like the METEOR from SEED/SEED DESTINY in that it will enchance not only Exia’s long-range capabilities, but I’m guessing those arm attachments are larger “GN Blade” type weapons, it not large GN beam sabers (ala METEOR) for Exia to use.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Okay, so GN Arms is a METEOR rip-off. METEOR, the worst armor module in all of Gundams’ weaponry, it was like God in the anime with cut-ins and screen jumping all over the place, unfortunately in SRW @3, it sucks. Jesus Yamato? My foot…

Comment by codename:v

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