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Dengeki hobby mag 4
February 23, 2008, 8:31 pm
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This month’s Dengeki hobby mag news (Super station section)


Volks – Daizenger action figure Ver. 2008 (Dengeki 5th Anniversary)

April – 13,440 yen

Kotobukiya – Daizenger Ikkitousen (non scale) – April , 1,7640 yen

Studio Halfeye – “Perfect Change Cybaster”

Cybaster full transformable action figure


– Dollfile Dream Excellen Browning

– Mini Dollfile Dream Latooni

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lol the Dollfile looks scary 😛

Comment by srw4ever

What a disgrace. Now SRW is into providing paedophiles child sexs fanstasies. Who’s coming after Latoouni? Shine?

Comment by codename:v

I don’t think their life-sized, C:V… >_>

Comment by mag4

It doesn’t look like human sized but still it’s a disgrace for Excellen, man she’s really ugly in this form

Comment by NT1

BTW they made that dolls for little girls, or they made them for some ugly otakus to jack off ? because i think the 2nd, or maybe japanese little girls like to play SRW ?

Comment by NT1

lol at how the dolls look. Especially Excellen.

Comment by shady123

Dolfie has it’s own distinct fandom. This looks like wave just branching off- they already make these things, why not try and extend a currently popular license. Ban-nam isn’t going to say no.

Dolfie tend to sell exclusively to girls, so C.V. needs to STFU. But he always needs to just STFU. So what’s different, amirite?

Still not interested in the mobile horse, but hey for lolz. I wish they’d make Daitrombe in normal mode, but whateves, eventually it’ll come.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

So let me ask you, as a SRW fan:

1. Do you collect Super Dollfies?
2. Do you have the tendency to strip Dollfies naked just to look at their tits and butts?
3. Are you into dolls or mechs?
4. Do Super Dollfies only limited to GIRLS only? I thought there were GUYS into dolls as well.
5. When playing SRW, you go for TITS or MECHS?

So before you tell me to shut the fuck up, you better give me answers, Maxxie.

Comment by codename:v

1, I have never owned a super dolfie. I also do not own any ‘girl vinyl’ figures.

2, Christ no. That is just stupid.

3, I own over 150 gundam models. The only human model is a vinyl Han Solo from Star Wars that I painted. You can do the math yourself there.

4, There are always weirdo guys out there who buy shit like this, but the mass populace who buy these dolls are now and have always been girls.

5, I play super robot wars because I love giant robots, especially Gundam, and I love tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem. Super Robot Wars is the perfect mix of the two. Tits don’t factor- I’d play the game with an all male cast just the same.

A side note, typing select words in all caps doesn’t help you make a point; it only makes you look like an ass.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

MAXXIE: Okay I see, you’re not into dolls. You’re an obsessed Gundam fan like others. If I’m an ASS, then you’re a DICKHEAD. I think it’s YOU who should learn not to call people names in the first place.

Well, usually I don’t have anything against mens who are into dolls collecting as long they are doing it for the art of dressing and tailoring. Afterall, Super Dollfies are scuplted by a guy named Akihiro Enku and he’s pretty good because his dolls are pretty life-like. The only I despise about otakus pretending to be perverts and paedophiles like it’s cool. Based on the Latoouni hot-air, I’m sure some of you SRW fans are willing to spend a bomb on this doll just to look at her tits and butt. If you want to give anime a bad name, go ahead.

Comment by codename:v

It’s not just fanboys taking the clothes off, a lot of girls in america buy those dolls to treat them like they are people. Perhaps so there is a peice of plastic that loves them, or something, at any rate it’s really creepy.

I don’t know what it is with some of these guys and their peado stuff, but I know a lot of it is joking. The others, who knows. Anyhow there’s nothing complaining aobut it on a blog can do, can’t change their minds.

And for the record, one of us here looks a lot worse than the other one does. I’m not going to say I never say anything wrong, but I certainly come off looking a hell of a lot better than you do.

Comment by neolordmaxwell


I just cant wait for the released Kotobukiya’s Daizenger Ikkitousen 🙂

Comment by RJ

Maxxie: I wasn’t intended to change minds here, I just express up my opinions about stuffs posted up here and it’s people like you who just have to whack others back like Al-Qaeda extremists. And of course you do come off looked a helluva better than me, in a DRESS that is.

RJ: If you want me to treat you like 7 year old, then carry on. You should learn not to talk to strangers, or they will shove a broomstick up your ass.

Comment by codename:v

Youknow, I’d be able to see and respect where you were coming from, if it wasn’t for the childish insults. If you don’t like where things are going, the first thing you do is shoot for foul language, play the ‘fag card’, or bring up retarded insults involving cross dressing. I wonder if you are even capable of seeing how truely immature that is.

A dress. Really, do you actually think that’s clever?

Don’t play the victim card here. You are clearly the agressor, and have been from the start.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

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