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Perfect Change CYBASTER update
February 24, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Studio Halfeye site update new pics of Perfect Change CYBASTER.




More pics on Studio Halfeye site

Cybaster part 1 Top page

Cybaster part 2 Cybird mode

Cybaster part 3 Robot mode

Cybaster part 4 How to transformable

Cybaster part 5 Series lineup

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One of the links didn’t work…
Finally, a full picture afterall. Pretty cool, pretty articulate, it’s just that I don’t like the way the head does in that fashion, when did the Psybuster become a tortoise?

Comment by codename:v

It always has been.

Comment by Blue

How much will this cost? Cybuster wasn’t really a favorite of mine given that it sucks major ass compared to other mechs in OG (he was quite good in @1 and @G) but if the design of this is convincing maybe I’ll consider it

Comment by beamknight87

Price 59,850 Yen

Release on April

Comment by superrobotwar

looks damn good, though it’s slightly wide, isn’t it? too late to make him leaner?

Comment by Ekove

The finished model actually looks really good. The price is the only problem. 59,850 Yen! What a joke. I’m sure some rich people will want it though…

Comment by shady123

At this stage, this is probably the final design. Looks really cool, but bit too pricy for my taste. I’m much more likely to buy the koto-kit.

Design looks great to me, though.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

It’s okay if you want to purchase it provided you’re loaded with cashes, the only thing you guys need to think seriously is the Value of this collectible item because it’s gonna be on your desk for a very long time before you got bored with it and want to auction it off on ebay…
And should any of you are armed with knifes and rods like Akihabarans to fend off muggers, you wouldn’t want to bump into polices and got busted for illegal arms possesion.

Comment by codename:v

I doubt anybody who’d buy this will end up auctioning it off later. I sure don’t look at my robot toys as having collectors value. If I were to buy this, it’d be because I wanted it. As it stands, it’s a bit outside my priace range.

Besides, who needs a knife or a rod when it’s legal to carry pepper spray or a taser?

Comment by neolordmaxwell

DAMN thats nice, but still, I happen to like the arm, leg and firstborn that this would cost me

Comment by Anonymous

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