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More pics from WF2008
February 27, 2008, 6:05 pm
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More pics from Wonder Festival 2008 (SRW OG Garage kit)

ART-1 Advance Real Personal Trooper Test Type-1

Excellence Striker

Aile Chevalier





Fighter Roar

Lion V and Lion F

More pics at ロボ部のワンフェスレ

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Fell in love with Ashsaviour

Comment by NT1

I need all of them.

Comment by superrobotwar

damn there so damn coooooool

Comment by srw4ever

so all of these are 1/144 models right?

Comment by chris

Except Aussenseiter is non scale.

Comment by superrobotwar

D and W originals… About time! 🙂

Comment by mag4

i want a fully transformable Aussenseiter… 😀

Comment by realgundam

ashsavior ❤ oh my god…

and I don’t think there will ever be a transformable aussie =| unless they slightly tweak his design.

Comment by Ekove

Aile Chevalier look great!

Comment by ubr

OMG this is too nice

I wish I can buy them
Great JOB!! Mr. Super robot war hotnews

PS. they’re all expensive T_T

Comment by kadej_R


Sorry… 😀

Comment by BD

[…] nostri colleghi del  SRWARBLOG hanno immesso un nuovo servizio sulla Winter edition del Wonder festival 2008 […]

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Yes please, to all of these. AMAZING job. Although the Ashsaviour doesn’t look right to me, dunno if I like it here. The rest of them, awesome.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Valhawk? YES! YES! DO WANT!

Comment by cassarenas

DIY garage kits, well you know what they said, if you want something done, Do It Yourself!
Unfortunately, garage kits often burn holes in pockets with their big fat prices. What do you expect from fine craftmanships?
Still, they are good to look at eventhough you’re a stingy poker over values. That’s why cons are so fun to visit.

Comment by codename:v



No Forte Gigas or Gamraid through 😦

Comment by RE_horror

<blockquote cite=”AWWW MAH GOAD!


No Forte Gigas or Gamraid through :(“>

In due time.. They’ll come soon enough.

*imagines Valzacard model kit*


Comment by mag4

I am expecting more photoshoots from this one, especially when it comes to WF2008. Don’t tell me the shooter has only been circling around the SRW booths?

Comment by codename:v

are awesome you know where i can get or buy the aile chevalier i love that personal trooper is my favorite but i dont know where, i look in online shops but nothing

Comment by fre


Valhawk’s already sold. I WANT IT!!!! But wait, is the J’s OG robots come out actually. I’m waiting for Dracodeus. And, also, Valcazard (if sold)

Comment by Marcell

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