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Endless Frontier box art
February 29, 2008, 7:03 am
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I see… boobs!

Comment by Milkman Dan

I see Natch!!!!

Comment by beamknight87


Comment by srw4ever

Without SRW OG mechs, this game may likely die of a premature death. The OG mechs are more like ICU for this game to back it up among mecha games enthusiasts, who may got reverted into playing for tits. Seeing that Kyousuke and Excellen got switch sides with their genders, you’re expecting a F-Compo from this one.

Comment by codename:v

Just because Nacht hasn’t appeared in an OG game yet doesn’t make it any less an OG mech, as it’s clearly a variation of Alteisen.

Comment by Blue

Sex sells, but this game looks pretty crappy so far. Couldn’t give a care about the story, mecha are recycled, and plugging namco’s originals is irritating. I don’t think I’ll play this one.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

You forgot to add that Namco’s characters became “Original Generation”, man… Banpresto is doomed

Comment by NT1

I think last year and this year has been collect as much money as you can for banpresto. 2 remakes, one game with 25 new stages no secrets no nothing. What’s next?

o well, looking forward for the hentai that’s gonna be made out of this. A at least looks very promising.

Comment by Ekove

Well I like the idea. Experiments are always worth a shot to evolve any series. I just hope they take this to the next level.

Please provide a torrent link for this when it comes out, and one for an emulator that can run it.

Comment by Daizengar

I don’t get it, is this game aimed at the SRW fans? Because I really don’t want to believe that the majority of SRW fans plays for this kind of stuff (I’m not saying that bewbs are good or bad, I’m saying that there’s a time and place for everything, and I don’t think that SRW series is the right place, nor should the series be driven by… this kind of stuff).

Comment by Anonymous

Seeing as how SRW utilizes the “bounce” effect so often, I think “bewbs” most certainly have a place in the series.

Comment by Blue

bewbs have a place in just about anything japan makes, even if it is making it for girls. That having been said, there is something called moderation- which waved goodbye to this game long ago.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Will so far this one is Rather sad way to make an
SRW Series instead of the map style

Comment by SRX121

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