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Endless Frontier Official site updated
March 14, 2008, 10:54 am
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Endless Frontier official site has been updated.

– New background theme music

– Add new characters in character section

– Add new mode for Nacht “rage mode” turn into red color

– Add new battle in game system section

*Character info from wikipedia

Ezel Granada

– Voice Actor: Tetsu Inada

– Ezel is mysterious man with the head of a horned skull.

  He leads a group named ‘Orcestor Army’, consisting him, Henne and Kyon.

Henne Valkyria

– Voice Actress: Natsuko Kuwatani  

– A serious winged female knight. Henne is a member of Ezel’s Orcestor Army.

  Probably in the position of vice-leader.

Kyon Feulion

– Voice Actress: Mayumi Iizuka

– A cheerful, optimistic witch. Kyon is also a member of the Orcestor Army.

 Anne Sirena

– Voice Actress: Sayaka Ohara

– A busty pirate mermaid. Anne is the pirate leader of the pirate group “Silent Works”.

Bonny Maxmad

– Voice Actor: Kenta Miyake

– A merman. Bonny is Anne’s loyal subordinate.

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