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Super Robot Wars A Portable boxart
March 19, 2008, 10:39 pm
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where the scan???????????/


What’s the hell scan?

Comment by superrobotwar




Comment by FinVortex

where’s grendizer??

Comment by Ekove

calm down mate

well yeah the box look pretty cool though ^^

why do you want scan? he already got one just wait

Comment by kadej_R

What is really NEW about this? This is just a PSP remake of SRWA. Can’t wait for scans? Well go search your garbage bin.

Comment by codename:v

[…] SRWAR BLOG pubblica il Box art del  gioco per PSP dedicato alle SRW….ben interessante […]

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I’m agreeing with C:V, this game is just a remake, even so I have some sentimental points for this game, I understand and I’d love to see new OG, but we still have 1 more new SRW title, and it will be announced next month, be patient, wait 1 more month, and if they gonna release a crap, I’ll join you

Comment by NewType1 AxeL[ALex]

This just keeps getting better and better

Comment by SRX121

Join me? For what? Getting whacked by MINORS here? Is that worth it? Whatever, it’s your freewill.
Personally, I don’t have much high hopes for the new title since OG saga is left in limbo without a good ending and we’re back to playing with another rip-off title. Man, I’m getting tired of this. Somehow Kingdom seems to getting a 3rd installment and it looks pretty good, can’t wait.

Comment by codename:v

It’s a good way to reuse the same plot, system and graphics to make a quick buck from the more hardcore fans, ala “Tales of” series (how many times are they going to sell the same game?).

Sure I wouldn’t pay to play A even if I had a PSP, but I find Saga to be much more depressing than this.

Comment by Anonymous

Kingdom is square’s stuff, its always good to some point..

I just hope they make OG3 even if banpresto is going to be eaten alive by bandai.

I’ll have to say though, banpresto ALWAYS use only, same boring systems to make srw titles, while bandai’s strategy games are usualy much better then the last one. Hope this is the same for OG

Comment by realgundam

Not everybody has played SRW A. MX Sold pretty well, so they figure they can make a quick PSP release using the old PS2 graphics, and plenty of people will want to buy and play it. I personally can’t wait, I never played SRW A, and this updated versions looks awesome. Why not is the question, since this game is easy for them to make, and it will bring them plenty of extra sales. Some people might not like to see this as opposed to other releases, but realize that they are still working on new games at the same time they are working on this one.

The idea that merging with Bandai is going to have any real effect on the SRW franchise is bullshit, anyhow. Banpresto may have been a stand alone company, but it was always part of the Bandai family, and was always completly overseen by Bandai. Merging with Namco only gives them more resources to make better games.

Just enjoy having more SRW on the PSP, and look forward to the next game.

On a seperate note, a recent interview with Bandai stated that the PS3 hasn’t taken off very well, and that Bandai as a whole is going to be focusing more on the PSP- so expect many more PSP releases after this. Personally, my life would end and I could die happily if they released OGs or OGG on the PSP.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

RealGundam: Seriously, I doubt they will ever come up with a 3rd installment for OG saga, since all Terada and his cohorts got in their minds now are BOOBIES…

NeoruhiMaxxumiya: In case you forgot, Banpresto would only be in charge of pachinko and jackpot machines after the merging next month. Others at Namco-Bandai may prefer to go beyond Terada’s fanboyism and seek a wider scope for SRW, so after SRW was handed over to Namco-Bandai, that could mean the game could be either change into something else or get AXED. What more, SRW is nothing than just a FANBOYS’ game which only played by those stuck-up OTAKUS in Akihabara, that explains all the repetitive grampamechs for more than 15 years. Sheesh, don’t any of you ever got tired of playing with loads of old farts? I demand a SRW revolution.

Comment by codename:v

Typically when game companies merge, the development teams don’t change much. The SRW team will now get their paychecks directly from bandai, and those paychecks will be bigger. Nothing else will probably change.

For the record, I’ve never even seen Haruhi Suzu-whatsit, so you can stop making those stupid jokes about it.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Haruhi Suzumiya. Character from an anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Amazing how some dumb fuck like codename knows about it when he himself isn’t an otaku. Yet neolordmaxwell 22 doesn’t know about Haruhi when he plays SRW because code’s argument is anyone who plays SRW=Otaku and Otaku=Haruhi. How truly ironic.

Comment by shady123

Don’t really understand why people say SRW system is the exact same as before, thus it is lame, boring or whatever. Look at King Of Fighter series. Every years they release the new title with just slight upgrade. But do people say it lame or boring??

Comment by amuro0093

Some people do, but they choose not to play the games, for the most part. If you don’t like the way a game series operates, best advice is to find a game series you actually like.

I like SRW exactly as it is- that’s why I played it in the first place. If I wanted to play front mission or kindgom hearts, I’d play Front Mission or Kingdom Hearts. I play SRW because I want to play SRW. Simple as that.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

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