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Hobby japan mag 5
March 21, 2008, 12:52 pm
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Gunpla news from Hobby Japan magazine 5

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouen Dalas – May, 630 yen

HGUC Zaku FZ  lineart

Over Flag lineart


MG Force Impulse Gundam lineart

HG Tieren Space Type (Sergei custom)  May 1,575 yen

Kotobukiya SRW OG plastic kit

Altelion 1/144 – June 4,410 yen

R-1 scale 1/100 – summer

Grungust Type-0 (non scale) – summer

Wildwurger High Mobility Type with Wildfalken Twin Bird Strike set

Gundam Avalanche Exia 1/100

Gundam Astraea Type F 1/100

HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe – May 2,940 yen

MG Force Impulse Gundam – May 4,200 yen

MG Shin Musha Gundam – June 4,725 yen

HG Enact – Saachez custom 1/144

HG GN-X 1/144

Tieren Ground Type 1/100

Over Flag 1/100

HGUC Zaku FZ – May 1,260 yen

G.F.F. #0038 Gundam Mk-III – June 6,300 yen

G.F.F. Metal Composite Psyco Gundam Mk-II – July 13,650 yen

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With the ongoing Gundam Musou special heat, ShinMushaGundam to be MG is pretty much anticipated. Although the ShinMushaGundam looks pretty cool, it’s only a RX-78-1 slapped with samurai armors and katanas, what more MushaGundam is not new to Gunplas as it all started with Bandai’s SD Gundam musha series back in the 1980s, this ShinMushaGundam however is just a Katokified version. Nevertheless, I find it more appealing than the MG Force Impulse, which is nothing more but a ZZ or V2 copycat since the start of SEED Destiny.
On the GFF side, we’ve got the GFF#0038 MK-III which will comes with a FA form and a Metal-Composite PsychoGundam MK-II. Both are beauties in terms of designs and features, ZETA sure set off a trend of cool mechs. But I wonder, if Bandai can pulls off with a MG Perfect Zeong, why can’t Bandai also pulls off with a MG PsychoGundam and PsychoMK-II? Or maybe a Quin-Mantha? Wouldn’t that be even more fun?
About 00, I think the GN-X is overall the best looking mechs in the series. Others like Flags, Tierens and Enacts are nothing more like cheap-looking tin-toys and twigs which are easy to snap.

I know there is an ongoing feud between old UC fans and SEED/00 fans, being as a mech artist, I look into the design features instead of worshiping fictional characters like all these JESUS YAMATO and HARUHISM craps. WEIRD
So my verdict is: UC designs are way BETTER than today’s kiddy-grade SEED & 00 designs and after 20 years, they are still TOP of their game. Suck it up, ya stuttering SEEDs.

Comment by codename:v

Good, an R-1 I can pose kneeling down. Also looking forward to the Reishiki and potential future releases of the Grungust family.

Comment by bridgebunny

I think that the MG Shin Musha’s release might be because of the sales for the GFF Shin Musha. If it’s good, they plan a MG for it. After all, it is the first musha series to become a MG.

Even 1/100 Avalanche Exia is coming out… Surprising because it is the first MSV mobile suit to actually make it to 1/100. Well, then I would say Bandai will use the sales of Saachez’s Enact to decide whether Agrissa will be coming out. I suppose that the GN Drives of the GN-X are compatible with the Overflag’s one because Graham’s Flag was later equipped with a GN Drive. Furthermore, it is not surprising to find that 1/100 Astraea Type F will be coming out since the normal Astraea is coming out soon.

Comment by AdamJ

AdamJ: Not really, 1/100scaled MSVs already exist since the first UC0079 RX-78-2 Gundam back in the early 1980s.

This is what I find typically bias about 00, the Gundams designs are cool while the other grunts designs suck-ass, so there are no balance in terms of design aesthetics in 00.

Comment by codename:v

Also, when is the May edition will be available here?

Comment by codename:v

Next week for torrent

Comment by superrobotwar

finally a zaku fz~~~ (T.T) so happy… finally can have bernie’s zaku…

Comment by rpt011r

[…] Hobby japan mag 5 Gunpla news from Hobby Japan magazine 5 [image] HGUC Zaku FZ  lineart Over Flag lineart [image] […]

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Holy scud, it’s a Lion series mech! Kotobukiya kit!! I’ve been wanting a Lion, any lion, since the kit line started! I know it’s too much to ask for a cosmolion or a Guarlion, but I’m happy with this!

Comment by neolordmaxwell

[…] ha segnalato alcune immagini del prossimo Hobby Japan,il numero 5,  ve ne proponiamo alcune rimandandovi […]

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Pretty good that they have expanded the 00 1/100 lineup beyond the 4 initial Gundams. Also good that Kotobukiya is providing more OG and that we get our next Super Robot Model. The feud was probably caused by a bunch of fanboys from each and really, it all depends on opinion.

I mean some prefer unique designs with lots of new features (00), others like it plain and simple (UC), while others just want it cool and flashy (SEED…ugh.). So really it all depends, but personally, I’m with 00 on this one.

Comment by AU_Gundam

Hello all I need your help. I am looking for a
Gundam, Now i have looked all over and i can not find it. I saw it in a Hobby japan mag. but i have not seen it since. It is Red and Black. No other colors to it. it has a tail that seems to come from the helmet. No wings, if it did i did not see any. Can someone let me know if you have seen it? Like i said it does NOT have any other colors. Or maybe it is not a Gundam? That what is it? Thanks. E-mail

Comment by Andrew

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