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SRW A portable TVCM
March 22, 2008, 6:00 pm
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Super Robot Wars A Portable TVCM

スーパーロボット大戦A ポータブル TVCM

High-res (AVI) Download

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Talking about ultra short…

Comment by NewType1 AxeL[ALex]

i like it like that so i can enjoy it more when i play it

Comment by FinVortex

Wow. I like it. In addition, correct me if I am wrong, but I heard a little voice of JAM Project (one voice only) between 12 seconds and 13 seconds. If they do it, then nice. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Axel’s an ASSHOLE and Lamia’s dull as a STIFF, so tell me, Why are THEY so POP-PU-LAR?

Comment by codename:v

cos u are a unpopular asshole here, bird brain lol

SRW A P looks great!! cant wait for it’s release soon 🙂 The combination attacks looks cooler than impact and MX!!!

Comment by RJ

Nah, just for some of us they are popular, for me because A was my first SRW, even if it was,t I don’t think that main characters are the most important in SRW, what do we gamers need, is gameplay [most of us can’t speak Japanese anway, so we don’t know are they cool or not ], there’re always bad points, in anything, so dont’t hate a game with such things like that

Comment by NT1 [ALex]AxL

Alex: Gameplay wise has been repetitive since the first SRW till now, pilot makes speech blah blah and throw a blow bigger than the A-bomb that hit Hiroshima. Too many ZengarSombolts in SRW if you asked me. What more, with so many RETARDED FANBOYS in the SRW fandom always AXEL this and LAMIA that, like they want to suck AXEL’s cock and smell LAMIA’s pussy, especially for RJ here. FANBOYS do really ruin SRW.

Comment by codename:v

code please stop.

Comment by superrobotwar

At least fight animation can be skipped for this game. I hate SRWA GBA unskipable anim.

Comment by ubr

Wow … can’t believe i thought this remake will be boring and repeative … i was soooo wrong! 😀

can’t wait for it and thats another reason to buy a psp on my list! 😦

Comment by leonx

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