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Dengeki hobby mag 5
March 23, 2008, 5:23 pm
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Edit 29/3 : Add Daizengar with Aussenseiter Pferd Mode (Ikkitousen)


Volks full actions figure Arblade

Volks full actions figure Daizengar

Altelion 1/144 – June 4,410 yen

R-1 1/100 – summer

Grungust Type-0 (non scale) – summer


Volks full actions figure Ialdabaoth

Soul Of Chogokin GX-43 Daimos

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this was fast 🙂 now folka’s fans will be happy

Comment by FinVortex

gooood wht abouat kaiser


Yes, I’m really happy!!!!!

Comment by Folka

Wow, I love that kit…

Comment by Shaddix

Unlike Unicorn, you don’t get the Shin-ra mode in this one. The hair is just plain ridiculous as it only makes it look more like a shaggy dog than a kabuki lion, you would probably need to brush it twice a week to keep it tidy. Also, keep it far from lit candles and cigarettes, you might not want it burned.

Comment by codename:v

yea and dont forget to feed him and wash him everyday so he wont smell

Comment by FinVortex

Sexy, but it looks like it will suffer the same posability problems the other figures suffer. It just won’t do it justice without it…

Comment by glemtvapen

That’s such a non dynamic pose for a dynamic robot -.-.

Yeah I must say dengeki suffers from quality ( I already got 2 robots that got a piece broke already)

*waits for revoltech OG figures*

Comment by Ekove

Have you got the other pages scanned.superrobotwar??

Comment by Folka

Thanks for fulfilling my request!

Comment by Folka

Updated finished.

Comment by superrobotwar

with the corny hair again, I wouldn’t have minded the design of that robot if not for it, I guess it’s mainly cause I’m not an anime fan and I don’t like most corny anime stuff.

Love the volks Dyzenga, and grungust type 0 action figure is coming? SWEET, must start collecting the grungusts.

Comment by Ekove

Grungust type-0 is plastic kit.

Comment by superrobotwar

The Altalion seems to have flaws on its transformation. Grungust Zero always give me an impression of a BUTCHER behind the meat counter, the zankatou however is smaller than in the game.
Finally, a full preview of the upcoming chogokin Daimos and it’s tranzer form. As I read its progress from a particular blog, the transformation is a serious feat for the chogokin toymakers to achieve full-transformation and full-action at the same time. Especially on how the container compartments bend and fold onto the rear of the Daimos. Hopefully it won’t be as bulky as the old 1979 version.

Comment by codename:v

Ooh, Daimos! Haven’t seen that in a while.

Comment by zemzelett

[…] SRWARBLOG ha messo on line una serie di immagini estratte dal 5 numero della  nota rivista Dengeki Magazine sono molto interessanti per gli appassionati, ve ne preponiamo alcune,altre si trovano sul sito […]

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Can’t wait for the R-1 Eotech!!! The 1/144 was already so nice…

Comment by rpt011r

From this site:
It’s clear to me that the chogokin Daimos is a real bummer with a failure on how the containers unable to fully fold onto her back like in the anime to achieve total full-transformable mechanism. To make up for that failure, the toymakers just disconnect the container+wheels parts and slap a finished mold on her back, now that’s not bulk anymore. As for the head, the tranzer form opens up a SMALLER tranzer head (which actually the Daimos head) and fold into the body.
Unlike the chogokin gattai robots like Combattler V, Voltes V, Dancougar and Godmars, I would say that the Daimos’s transformation is just too fake to be achieveable when it comes to making a real one as a toy. Same goes for the chogokin Getter series, which are even more impossible to achieve. So swapping parts are still the only way to make it possible.

Comment by codename:v

Dygenguard rules!!!!!

Comment by ?????

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