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Kotobukiya: Altelion 1/144
March 25, 2008, 10:29 pm
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It’s equipped with G-Accelerator Driver which controls the gravity acceleration.

It can transform into the CF mode (cruise form) or the DF mode (doll form)

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I don’t know much about this mech, as far as I know back in Alpha3, this is one of the worst OG mechs I’ve ever use. The weapons are mainly ammo based and barely even scratch thru the big bosses thick-skins with fury-added, I guess that makes the DIS Astranagun the strongest REAL OG unit in Alpha3…
Seriously, if this Altalion’s going to fused with the Vegalion(if Koto does plans to) to become Hyperion. That will makes her the biggest Koto 1/144scale OGmech.

Comment by codename:v

Hyperion 1/144 ……. seem to be good.

Comment by superrobotwar

C:V you are right in that its the worst mech to fight boss. But its 2 pilot have very goo spirit skills and the mech itself is very ideal to fight a huge amount of smaller bots. It is also one of the rare flying bot that have huge amount of string range weapons with high accuracy. The main pilot herself is very week to start with, but if you use the pilot points correctly, she is acutally very good, espcially with the co-pilot.

Comment by realgundam

Man, I was expecting good things after seeing the Volks figure, but this looks like crap. The Volks figure looks so much cooler, even if it does cost an arm and a leg. The Alpha 3 kits sure haven’t impressed me thus far (this and the Arblade Custom).

Comment by cybersynaptic

why they dont built KAISER ??


Why must KOTO built a Kaiser?

Comment by codename:v

Where’s my Banpreios model kit?

Comment by beamknight87

I think it looks okay. It’s not really perfect, but honestly, I’ve been waiting for a Lion type model for so long I’ll take it. It can always be sanded/painted into shape, anyhow.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

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