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March 29, 2008, 4:44 am
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Gundam UC novel Vol.4 come with Beam Gatling Gun for MG Gundam Unicorn.

Released date 26 April 2008  priced 1,260 yen


Here is Gundam UC novel Vol.4 art cover.


Gundam Astraea Type F

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Why does Astraea have blue GN particles?

Comment by zato

The Astraea head is practically a Huckebein copy.. no wonder Bandai saw the Huckebein series as a threat…

Comment by rpt011r

Now u mention it zato, yea how come there’s blue GN particles..? another reason to rival that fake GN red particles..XD

Comment by sbhboi

…Bandai never saw the huckebein as a threat, there was never a battle between bandai and banpresto, the Huckebein was an authorized design, and it is still being used.

For the love of god let that rumor die!

Comment by neolordmaxwell

It’s kinda surprising a 12th Puru clone would ended up in Unicorn timeline, what more she really had a hard life before she came to known as Marida Kruz.
People couldn’t help getting into the gundam-huckebein with the way how the OGS anime was done, if there aren’t politics between Banpresto and Bandai, there shouldn’t be any problems with the Huckebein issue. After the merging this coming April, the Huckebein issue should comes to an end.

Comment by codename:v

@sbhboi, the GN Drive is not fake since it is the GN-000 Drive which is genuine, i’m just wondering though why is the GN particles are blue.

Comment by zato

why are the character design in every side story gundam series were so much cooler.

Comment by jinto

I wonder if Judau Ashta would ever make an appearance in Unicorn…

Comment by codename:v

Lmao Bandai basically owns Banpresto … so there is no rumor because it doesnt exist … keep up w/ current events plox

Comment by Andy

Blue particles, maybe its because of the different GN Drive the prototypes use? Seems like only the 2nd generation Gundams use that GN Drive.

Anyway the Astraea in the coloured pic is a “new” machine. Check the out the head and skirt armor.

Comment by iron2000

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