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April 16, 2008, 12:56 pm
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Special Interview 1: A New Series Reborn

 -You’ve already started to move towards a new series to succeed

 the “Alpha” series, correct?

Terada: It’s almost like we’re saying, “Sorry to have made you wait!”

Whether or not we make this into a series depends on how things go this time.

(LOL) We feel we would like people who have never played SRW to enjoythis

game as well ,so we’ve made the story and settings for the world something new.

The robot and pilot graphics are new as well.

We’re excited because this will be a standard, original-style SRW on the same

hardware after a gap of about three years.


Special Interview 2: Exceptionally Evolved Graphics

-What sorts of things have you made distinct from the “Alpha” series

  or consciously changed?

Terada: First of all, compared to all the “SRW”’s up to now, the graphics are

overwhelming, beautiful, and vivid. As far as the battle animations we’ve

made maximum use of the tastes and techniques accumulated from the

series up to now, and are challenging ourselves to a new production.

We would like you to see that the battle animations are indeed moving.

-At a glance, one can clearly see the game is beautiful. The direction

of the cut-ins and the prettiness of the video are particularly striking.

Terada: Yes. Because the drawings are more detailed than ever, the SD

robots are pretty even during close-ups. Looking at it, even I myself

feel we can’t go back to the old SRW. It’s like that every time, but I

especially feel it this time around. (LOL) Additionally, the amount of

products where you can see 2D sprite robot animations is lessening,

and so we feel we should show the backbone of those in that small bevy.

-You’re trying out a few new things on the production side as well,

 are you not?

Terada: We’re doing many things with the thought that we should
surpass the

quality of “Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden”, which was released last year.

This time, we would like you to payattention to the backgrounds and scrolling

methods. That’s somewhat hard to have you understand without actually

seeing it in motion, though. The recent evolution of monitors is also remarkable,

so we’re staying cognizant of that as we work hard to make this.


Special Interview 3: Many Works Newly Join the Fight

-You haven’t decided all the works that will appear yet, but there are a

 fairly large number joining the fight this time around.

Terada: Aside from those we’ve introduced to you this time, there’s one

more work to newly join the fight. I can’t reveal the details yet, but it’s

a fairly nostalgic work. In the series up to now, it’s been rare to have this

many works newly join the fight. With “Alpha 3″, it overlapped with a

portable “SRW”, and so we were only able to put out a few works new to

the series. Even after development of “Alpha 3″ was done, that was

something I regretted.

-And so also in response to that, there are a lot of new works this time?

Terada: Perhaps. (LOL) Amongst the works newly joining, there are quite

a few I’ve thought about releasing before. It’s ultimately just my opinion,

but it’s kind of like an ace-up-the-sleeve. Too, there are some I thought

to put in “SRW”’s of recent years prior to “SRWZ”, but I controlled myself.

I’ve been thinking about adding the new entrants since “Alpha 3″ was

being produced. Since it’s the first standard “SRW” in a while on

previously used hardware, I thought to make it have an impact by upping

the number of works to newly join the fight.


Special Interview 4: “SRWZ” is the Starting Point for a New “SRW”

– Might we have you tell us an outline of how the story will develop this time?

Terada: There are a few parts that resemble the atmosphere of “SRW Alpha Gaiden”,

where the stage was set in a future world.

Of course, the world outlook and story are different from “SRW Alpha Gaiden”.

We thought of the world settings for this game quite a while ago,

so it’s something we’ve been preserving the whole time. There may be people

who look at the included works and realize, “Oh, it’s probably going to turn

out to be this kind of world…” As for how it really turns out, we’d like you to

watch and look forward to it.

-From the included works, we can expand our guesses in various ways.

 As an aside, is there a new system unused in previous games?

Terada: It uses a system similar to the “platoon system” used in “Alpha 2″

and “Alpha 3″. The thing is, it will be easier to form teams as compared to 

the platoon system. We’ll gradually introduce the system, so please look

forward to it!

-That means we’ll receive speedy information concerning the story and

system, then. (LOL) Lastly, please give a comment to the users tired of

waiting for this game.

Terada: Feeling we ought to respond to the expectations of people

who were waiting for a standard, new “SRW” on previously used hardware,

the staff is working together with all their might to make this.

Also, it would be nice if we could have people who have never experienced

the “SRW” series enjoy “SRWZ” as well. Put frankly, “To you who are

interested in SRW but never played it, start with SRWZ! “ I would be happy

if more people could come to know of “SRW” with this game. Everyone,

please watch the beginning of a new “SRW”!







Bandai Namco announced Super Robot Wars Z for PlayStation 2

Series list:

The Super Dimension Century Orguss


Gravion Zwei

Genesis of Aquarion

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Eureka Seven

Overman King Gainer

Space Warrior Baldios

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam : A new translations

Mazinger Z

Great Mazinger

* More series list will be published next week.

















Endless Frontier: SRW OG Saga

New mecha: Arcgain


Edit: Add high-res scans 4 pages

Bandai Namco announced Gundam Battle Universe for PSP

Released date July 17 2008

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Is this the full list? It seems really small. But yay for all the new entries to the series, nonetheless.

Comment by greato_boosta

Gravion/Gravion Zwei?? Aquarion?? Gundam SEED Destiny?? Eureka 7?? UC Gundam kept to a minimum?? I’m completely sold…where do I preorder?

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Youhou ! Still on PS2 ! That’s great !

Comment by Bobafeth

I knew it will be released for PS2, I just knew it !! and hell with it, where is my Full Metal Panic eh Ban(presto)dai Namco ? and what with the “Z” anyway 😐

Comment by NT1 [ALex]

Btw. GOD !! Save us from Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger already, how many times can we get them anyway

Comment by NT1 [ALex]

I hope this will not be the last SRW for the PS2 😀

Comment by jechz

Wow, this is the most skippable SRW I’ve ever seen 😐 All we get is Mazinger, Getter, and Zeta? I’ll pass.

Comment by Ryken

Never mind, not even a Getter, yay for speed-reading >.> DEFINITELY skipping this now.

Comment by Ryken

I’m happy enough that Zeta is in it, but unless more series are announced, this is fairly dissapointing for a PS3 game. Still, good to see a new normal SRW.

I’m looking forward to new originals, that’s for sure. I can take or leave most of the new series being added, but hey, that’s fine. Flood gates, open get!

Comment by neolordmaxwell

[…] and news from SRWHotnews and Gunota […]

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Someone on 2ch (not 2chan) is reportedly saying that

1) more series are gonna be announced
2) SRW Z is the start of a new series
3) it takes place in the future… one not online Alpha Gaiden post-time travel

That’s what someone said on 4chan

Comment by NT1

Well, it is confirmed by Gunota that more series will be published next week for Super Robot Wars Z.

Comment by zato

Yeah! *hoping for the season 1 of Gundam 00* hahas

Comment by jechz

Gunota mentioned one series will be new to SRW.

Comment by zato

[…] le informazioni che arrivano dal nuovo Famitsu week immesso da SRWABLOG ,il nuovo gioco per SRW NON e ripeto NON sarà realizzato per la piattaforma PS 3 bensi per […]

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MORE PS2 NOOOOOOOOOO but still looks great 😛

Comment by srw4ever

[…]  Famitsu Week è stato annunciato l’uscita per il 17 luglio del gioco per la piattaforma […]

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any complains codename ?

Comment by FinVortex

What the……………..

Comment by SRX121

Where the hell is FMP?? Damn you Banpresto! I’ll still get the game though 🙂

Comment by Shin

Wow! another Ps2 game!! Thank you banpresto!! Certain someone said that SRW games were dead after Bandai Namco took Banpresto. This prove him wrong BIG TIME!!!

Any release date??

@Neolordmaxwell >> This is for PS2

Comment by amuro0093

Unfortunately no release date as of now.

Comment by zato

well even so it doesn’t mean that it won’t suck, from the screens ( not so clear ) we see that the graphic is worse then OGs, well I’m counting on FMP and G00

Comment by NT1 [ALex]

I hope there will be Getter Robot 2004!!!

Comment by Mazinkaesar

This coming SRW Z is truly a complilation of RIP-OFFS and EMOs with titles like:
SEED Destiny(Zeta Copycat)
Gundam Zeta New Translation(actually a recycled Zeta Old translation)
Aquarion (a more realistic GETTER Robo)
Space Warrior Baldios (Truly a Gundam RIP-OFF)
Orguss (another Macross-inspired theme)
With addition of Lolis-galore in Gravions, SRWZ is the PERFECT game for the over-hyperactive OTAKU fanboys who has craves for lolis. If SakuraTaisen is your cup of tea, you should also try this one. What a joke, everyone are expecting a PS3 SRW to be announce but all they got was a PS2 version and most likely with PS3 is doing so bad than Wii and Xbox360, SRW PS3 could likely get AXED.

Fans of Axel will cry a river with their beloved Soulgain getting whooped in Endless Frontier by the bishie girls whose stripping bodies are all over the NDS screen for players to stick their fingers onto like their bellybuttons, boobies and butts. Who is the next mech about to get whooped in EFrontier? Too bad they don’t show these on FRONTIER magazines…

If SRWZ should be the last PS2 title, then to me, this is the WORST farewell I’ve ever seen and just not thoughtful. COME ON, why not just whip up an OG3 title as a farewell for original characters of the PS2 fames like Alpha, MX and Impact instead of just randomly pick out mediocre works like SEEDestiny and Baldios with another shitloads of MAZINGERS. EMO fanboys always ruin good games, what a disappointment…

Comment by codename:v

Well, on the plus side, they’re pretty much going to have to use SEED Destiny and a couple of those other series at some point anyway, so may as well cram them all into one title so us Super fans can avoid that rubbish I suppose. Though I wish this had been the PS3 title, personally.

Comment by Ryken

You guys are funny guys.

Comment by Kaiterra




Comment by beamknight87

I quite agree with C:V, the list is quite poor, and it isn’t really something revolutionary, but let’s wait 1 more weeks, to see what Bandai Namco have for us, they said it will be something special. Code Geass ? Gundam 00 ? XENOSAGA ????!!!!
I swear that I gonna blow Banpresto up if they add Xenosaga to SRW

Comment by NT1 [ALex]

I honestly don’t care about most of the new comers, but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by how good they end up fitting in the SRW game. I’m also curious to see the “easier to team up” system based on alpha squad system.

The more they show OG Saga the more I think that it will suck, it’s too much of a ripoff, but in a bad way. Arkgain? Kirin Oboro? Rampage Spector? Code Lamia? lol WTFBBQ, it makes me remember the crap fest that was another ripoff title called “Panzer Warfare”.

What really caught my eye was the PSP title, but that is because I’m a sucker for Nu/Hi-Nu Gundam 😀

Comment by Anonymous

It would be good to have Gundam 00 in this SRW Z, but anyone thinks that it is too early for it to debut in a SRW game?

Comment by jechz

other than the missing FMP…WHERE IS GURREN-LAGANN!?!?!?!


Comment by KiraYagami

Britannia getting intervened by Cerestiaru Being will not happen anytime soon. At least not for at least the next 3-4 years.

Seems like the list is finally trying to get in some newcomers but… ack… the choices could have been better

Comment by beamknight87


Comment by Zachalmighty

Well, it’s good to hear that more series are going to be announced. I’d personally like to see FMP!, Unicorn, and Gurren as some newcomesr though. Still, I’m quietly hoping they have Crossbone….because seriously, Crossbone is always friggin’ epic.

Comment by Tristan

Hathaway’s Flash would be good too, Penelope Gundam and Xi Gundam ftw 😀

Feel free to imagine *lol*

Comment by jechz

I bet all of the co/m/rades are rejoicing with Eureka 7 and Gravion’s inclusion…


Comment by Ceceil Felias

Hopefully they announce 00 and Code Geass for this, and keep out the good stuff like Shin Jeeg, New Getter, Gaiking and Gurren… I really don’t want to see them wasted on Super SEED Destiny Wars here.

Comment by Anonymous

You guys are missing the point; this game has been in development since 2005-2006. So no Guren Lagann, no Code Geass, and absolutely no Gundam 00!

And for those of you crying about most of the old series not being there… I mean come on, I really don’t need to see Char dropping an asteroid into Earth anymore nor do I need to see 70’s mechas fighting off either an alien empire or an ancient race who’s been hibernating underground just to conquer a small country called Japan. Being super robot fan doesn’t mean you have only Getter rays and super duper Z-alloys to cling on to. I need new stuff! Even though I do not like SEED Destiny, I wholeheartedly welcome this change of pace. GJ Terada-but put FMP back next time!

Comment by Shin

I’m kind of disappointed by the some of the new series that are being added to SRW, but the visual looks fuckin awesome. Just by the visual I’m pretty sold and fuck yeah for Eureka 7! It’s about damn time!

Comment by shady123

They should throw virturoid in the series again so that you can double slide attack your enemy with Temjin and LFOs. 😀 😀 😀

Why do they use old mazinger instead of 1999’s OVA????
The Zetas are renewed here but why not mazinger????

Comment by Master P Rayer

But not like that..>>!
Because NONE of the new addition I liked. I mean the only one I watched is Gravion + Zwie and the whole dame show is nothing but bouncing boobs.
Forget about gundam Destiny… I’ll take any sidestory UC gundam any time….
Or…Gundam 00 in, exception…New Z looks ok…! I like Kamiu’s pic.
ANd the Mazins…well…no comment….
Unless they put in GurranLagaan…. this not a sold to me ….and i own every copy of SRW on any port, or handheld. except the ones out of print like in gameboiy or nitendoo.
Still, play it though.

Comment by Anna

So far no Combattler or Voltes V. I’m sold!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

ok so i guess no gurren lagann or fmp this time

i hope they get crossbone gundam in tho

also it might be interesting to have gundam wing units in their kaotoki (however u spell the name) versions. i think that wing gundam’s kaotoki version was in one of the older srw alpha titles, 2 i think.

Comment by KiraYagami

Gurren Lagann is too new to be added in the list. As the article says next week more series will be added, and we still have to see the originals. I bet that more Gundam are coming, and maybe a Getter.

Comment by Burning

Yeah, that is one thing for sure, more Gundams.

Comment by jechz

1.Gundam 00 is not “nostalgic” so obviously not going to be the series the were hinting at
2.No more than one UC gundam series in SRW=no sale for me
3.That Gundam psp game looks pretty sweet

Comment by Greg least I don’t have to buy a PS3 to play it. Not sure about the series list. Well mazinger is ok…where is grendizer? and macross 7?

O well, can always count on codename to do the complaining. Damn you banpresto for not making the perfect game he had in his mind, if he had any.

Comment by Ekove

Can’t wait to see what the next series are. Especially that ‘nostalgic’ series that’s new to SRW. Danguard Ace? VOTOMS? Dairugger XV?

Comment by Milkman Dan

why does the gravion sword animation look like the g-compachi kaiser’s?

Comment by Zero-Murasame

Gravion is a RIP-OFF

Comment by SRX121

That’s because the Gravion is designed by the same mecha artist-Masami Obari who also did the Compatible Kaiser in OGG and Dancougar Nova. Squeal, ya compatible FAGS.

Comment by codename:v

Gravion was designed by Ookawara, actually. Just look at the opening credits…

Comment by Shin

The PS3 isn’t doing as badly as you think, in certain regions it’s sales clearly beats down on the Xbox 360 and Wii. Wii is also losing support for the hoarde of poor ports to Wii. And I don’t see why you hate the list for Z so much, it’s been long known that many mecha titles are inspired by or copy of each other, so if your complaining about this clearly you haven’t really paid much attention to other srw series list. SRWs sometimes even actively include similar title and make jokes on their similarities. And while I do agree that Destiny and Baldios is abit on the low priority in my opinion as well, there’s fans that enjoy the CE as much as the UC and AC. and old school supers over new one. It’s quite clear they are trying a good mix, and throw in new series as well. Your just overly focussed on the negative aspect to see the good of the current list. Just look around and you’ll see some people like the return of Zeta and mazingers, while the rest think they are stale. I’m not saying your wrong, just to be abit less agressive with your statement. And before you start that thing about the west and stuff, I’m Asian.

Comment by PaperOyster

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