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SRW OG Twin bird strike set 1/144
April 17, 2008, 11:41 pm
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Upcoming new plastic kit from Kotobukiya SRW OG Twin Bird Strike set.

Released date July, priced: 7,140 yen

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Looks to me, Koto really kicks up with all these combination assaults. First an ikkitousen, now a twin-birds strike. Sooner or later, a rampage-ghost set?
This is somehow much better than the previous ikkitousen set where the Ausseinter only stays as a HORSE waiting to get knocked up and imagine you pay a BIG FAT price for a display platform-all to make Daizengar MAJESTIC… Truly an EMPEROR’s NEW CLOTHES and his majesty name is Zengar Somboto.

Comment by codename:v

This set have special part for Wildfalken can open wing.

Comment by superrobotwar

So apart from the bases and the special part for the Wildfalken, what other extras are there?
Seems a bit too much for two 1/144, even by Koto’s standards.

Comment by Troll ver. KA

will the Falken be at least… improved? the individual current one is pretty lame.

I hope for a future Rampage Ghost combo of Rien and Reise

Comment by beamknight87

Wow Codename, you really need to stfu.

Comment by Zachalmighty

Finally!!! I was hoping they’d release something like this since I haven’t bought the Wild Wurger purge mode yet.

Codename: you need to realize that the Ikkitousen has ALWAYS been a fan favorite resin kit – it’s not meant to be poseable. The whole idea is that now people who have no model building experience can have an Ikkitousen model as well. The target demographic is a bit different than say 15 yr olds buying a MG Strike Freedom kit so that they can move it around and change poses. Besides, the whole concept is to make a 3d MODEL of what was seen in the game – namely THE Ikkitousen scene.

Comment by rpt011r

Wildwurger = 3,200 Yen
Wildfalken = 2,400 Yen
This twin pack = 6,800 Yen

Like most bundled kits, folks who don’t have the two kits would be very pleased, but I’m sure those who got them already wouldn’t be feeling the same ^^; especially when the pack comes with extra parts to upgrade your Wildfalken.

Looks like Kotobukiya is starting to pick up some bad habit from Bandai ^^;

Comment by Ngee Khiong

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It is kinda lame that they couldn’t include the TBS mode wings with the original Wildfalken release, even though they did release a Koto shop exclusive Wildfalken R that did include the TBS mode wings.

Oh well, for those Wildwurger/Wildfalken fans that haven’t already bought the 3 kits already released (Wildwurger, Wildwurger High Mobility, and Wildfalken), then this set is a really good thing. Like Ngee Khiong says though, for everyone that already has the Wildfalken kit, it really sucks.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

rpt011r: In all this ZengarSomboto frenzy, you can hear fanboys SQUEAL like crazy bitches at concerts. For a guy who always flashes his BALLS before the enemies, Zengar sure took a lot of kicks in the groin, no wonder he’s a FAG now. Yeah, only a FOOL can’t see the awesomeness in the ikkitousen set, when it’s Koto making FOOLS out of fans…

The slightest difference is that the Wildfalken’s wings can changed into tesladrive-opened form, then what about the Wildwurger? Can’t it has its jacketarmor purged and add-on? What a RIP-OFF. Like NgeeKhiong said, this is quite worth while for those who haven’t own these 2 but they have pay more. If you ask me, VOLKS also has a TwinBirds set where the Wildwurger can has its armor purged and add on, if you will pay the whooping price…

Comment by codename:v

i guess it would be nice if they could have a purge-able jacket armour. but even the volks set (which i keep stored in the box because it’s so hard to find now) can suffer from paint chipping. From a modeling standpoint, things like transformation/removable parts sometimes don’t mean much.

As for the extra 1200 Yen, the kit comes with 2 bases and the G Impact Stake as well. I guess it would be redundant for those who have a Wild Wurger bird mode already. But then again, that’s part of the splurging and collecting spirit 😛

Comment by rpt011r

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