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Endless Frontier TVCM Perfume
April 23, 2008, 11:02 pm
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Endless Frontier: SRW OG Saga official site has updated new

TVCM Perfume in movie section.

Here is screens capture from TVCM.

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WE want the game

Comment by srw4ever

Even through i hate the idea of this game, but i must tell that it looks nice

Comment by NT1

I still don’t get it, is it a fighting game or what?

Comment by Ekove

DO WANT!!!! =3

Comment by Daigelmir

This is a action RPG similar to Namco X Capcom. not a fighting game..

Can’t wait for my game to arrive!!!

Comment by RJ

i dont like the game, but i still buy it to check it out or maybe play if it is good.
Also i’ll buy few extra copies just to burn it in front of those pictures that a certain someone drew and piss, spit, let my neighbor’s dog shit at it afterward.

Comment by ottoto

I used to play beat-em-up games like FinalFights, Cadillac&Dinosaurs, PoweredGears etc where you get more bloodrushes with all the instense actions going on, this one however is more like those gambling machines where if you win a bet, a picture of AV girls will be featured all over the screen. Man, Terada has decided to PIMP his OG girls to suck up FAGS’ cocks, how humiliating.
Of course FAGS will be excited to get this game so that they can play it everywhere with people looking at their cock erections (their underwears has gone loose) Hey, if this can substitutes VIAGRA, then OLD MEN also should play this FAG game too.

Comment by codename:v

Oh CV … you’re soooo stuuuuuupid xD
and your way of thinking and looking at things are funny too xD

Comment by Daigelmir

I’m going to play this game because of the character hahahaha xD by the way I still don’t know what the game is look like rpg action?? does anyone know?

Comment by kadej_R

Enuf with you ttly already la…zzz
Dun like Banpresto make SRW den go there take over their company / Make their company bancrupt or whatsoever lorhx..

Comment by Larxene_XIII

I guess there is alot of CV clones in this site… so many negative comments… sickening…

If u dun like this game, Dun play this game when it’s released!! Or u get cursed!

Comment by RJ

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