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Super Robot Wars A Portable PV
April 23, 2008, 2:52 pm
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Edit: for the better quality pv download here.

Here is SRW A Portable PV download link format FLV.

Download  (size 9Mb) 

Here is screenshots capture from PV.


SRW A Portable official site update PV in movie section now!


Super Robot Wars A Portable PV will be released today.

Source: SRW official blog


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1st person ^^ first seat hahahaah

can’t wait to see

Comment by kadej_R

2 heheh

Comment by srw4ever

why cant i watch it now

Comment by NT1

u try again, NT1. i think it needs a while to load. I also face this problem

Cant wait to replay this game in PSP 🙂

Comment by RJ

recycled sprite?? :S

but still looks gooooooood 😀

Comment by Daigelmir

[…] on line il PV che SUPEROBOTWARBLOG  aveva annunciato stamattina per il gioco  che uscirà per la piattaforma […]

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Thank you very much for the download link!

Comment by greato_boosta

hmm i cant download the high res

Comment by NT1

Ryoko Looks WOW @@

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Sorry, high-res download link not working.

you have got to watch stream online.

Comment by superrobotwar

everything looks good except the damn recycled sprites. O well I don’t think Banpresto cares if a buncha foreign fans complain.

Comment by Ekove

this rocks big time! don’t mind about the recycled animation but damn those new ones really rock E.W. battle scene looks better that the ones on alpha 3 both combination attacks for daitarn3,zambot3 and shin,G looks really cool everything looks so damn good!!!

Comment by chris

one more thing whats the title of song in the backgound

Comment by chris

Wing Zero’s twin buster rifle animation is awesome 🙂

Comment by zato

The title of the song in the background is:
Japanese: (極めて近く、限りなく遠い世界に)

English Translation:
(Extremely Near, to the Exceedingly Distant World)

It is Lamia’s alternate theme.

Comment by zato

Ohh, forgot to add this, the North American title of the song is “so close, yet so far”

Comment by zato

Higher Quality PV:

Youtube version:

Comment by greato_boosta

tnx for the info but the one in the pv has vocals was that previously released or will it be just release when the game come out in june?

Comment by chris

Yeah, probably it will be released as a single or it will come with one of the new SRW OSTs if they are to make another one.

Comment by zato

vocal version of “so close, yet so far”? whoa
Fynal Dynamic Special with Shin Getter looks brutal, but I’m most interested in seeing the animations of the OYW mechs, at least that should be something new

Comment by beamknight87

not really recycle sprite they’ve redo some to look better and smooth than before for example like thoes robot from Alpha series if you compare to the alpha and this one you can see the different but the movement and other stuff still same just look better

Comment by kadej_R

Don’t have PSP. But oh well, at least PS2 have SRW Z

Comment by amuro0093

this game is awesome!! Banpresto really remake a lot of new battle animation for this Series. I like tat song alot, too bad there is no release for it 😦

Comment by RJ

Keep’s Getting better and better

Comment by Srx121

hey did anyone notice that all character face in the box doesn’t has any reacted like when domon using God finger what ever the face still same not changing to angry mode hahahah look funny aye

like this one

Gatoooo!!!!! the face still calm hahaha

but I still want to play it anyway 🙂

Comment by kadej_R

It’s not so hard to speed things up at all, just throw in the Alpha3 and OGG sprites into the bloody game and there, it’s done! With more than 3 and 4 projects at hand and the Japaneses’ hectic rush-hour working policy, this is how Banpresto able to market 2 games at the same time. Running DOGS, start your engines.

Comment by codename:v

The ironic thing about most of Code’s comments is that for westerners dogs are seen as loving, loyal creatures who symbolize honor and fidelity, without much of a negative connotation. It renders most of his comments moot.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

neolordmaxwell: His comments are moot the moment he starts using words like “FAG”…

Comment by thepyro

do any1 have the song? i wan the song so much.

Comment by Exile

For those who want the song in the PV, I’ve uploaded previews for the vocal ver. in The full ver. is yet to be found, but I’m working on finding it.

Comment by VSVoidSpartan

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