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Endless Frontier PV Ver. “Butterfly”
April 24, 2008, 6:00 pm
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Endless Frontier: SRW OG Saga new promo video Ver. “Butterfly”.

Song by Perfume “Butterfly” from new album [GAME].

PV part 1

PV part 2

Here is some screens cature from PV.

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Ark gain look really cool!! and gespent

Comment by kadej_R

very nice preview, i just hope that they didnt show what all the game has with such a long preview

Comment by FinVortex

So .. the robots are some kind of summons eh? or should I say .. “STRIKERS”?
and I presume there would be some requirements to make each of them join your ranks..

Comment by Daigelmir

holy frames damn its really nice

Comment by srw4ever

holy frames for DS,damn its really nice

Comment by srw4ever

From the looks of the battle scenes, they are all almost similiar to old SNES beat-em up games sprites except this is meant to be a turn-based RPG. If you compare this FAGGOTRY with KingdomHearts “Chain-of-Memories”, KingdomHearts is alot more better and stays true to good old 2D sprites action fightings. So the conclusion is with so much sale promotions tactics being applied by hiring kawaii techno girlgroup, reusing Axel-Lamia as celebrities endorsements and in addition with the boobs flashing stripper attics, FAGS will definitely line up buying this FAGGOTRY from the end of the street. On the other hand, this is just the typical Nippon shallow wetdreams of women bodies. Since you can’t look at women bathing sections thru the partitions at public bathing centers and hotsprings, this is all you need to fully indulge in your wetdreams.
CAUTION: If you suffer from Chronic NoseBleedings, call 911

Comment by codename:v

I think codename:v is trying to tell us something with all those ‘faggotry’ in all caps. Someone is a little bit obsessed.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Personally I think Kingdom heart is quite good, but I’m just not a big fan of disney [probably grew out of it], and yeah, i agree that the idea of this game is stupid and plain sucks, but I must tell that it looks quite fine for a RPG, people who never played SRW before should be able to enjoy it

Comment by NT1

Sorry, Cocklicking:virgin, but kingdom hearts is crap. If you like your little disney shit so much, then go away.

Comment by thepyro

I guess Codename Virginboy likes the little mermaid to be his galfriend lol, go to yr fantasy land at somewhere else, CV!

Looking forward for this game to be releasing… i had ordered mine. how abt you guys?

Comment by RJ

Everyone got their own tastes and all..but this is ridiculous..
Just grow up,okay? Wan comment do it properly dont keep talk c.o.c.k around here and giving critics to people..Look urself in the mirror before scolding ppl.

I guess guys will be guys…since I think mostly here are guys anyway..

Comment by Larxene_XIII

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