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Preview: Grungust Type-0
April 30, 2008, 7:46 pm
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GA Graphic has preview Grungust Type-0 non scale plastic kit.

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The Return of the mushrooms-infested freakshow. Man, even the Galgau is better looking than this freak.

Comment by codename:v

I think I will pass on this. Never been a fan of the Grungust series

Comment by beamknight87

I always loved its flying Zankantou.

Comment by Mark

“The Return of the mushrooms-infested freakshow. Man, even the Galgau is better looking than this freak.”

For once, I ACTUALLY agree.

Comment by thepyro

If it’s not the fully transformable MK-1, I’ll pass.

Comment by realgundam

I will respectfully disagree with codename:v and thepyro. To me there’s no way that the Galgau is better looking than any of the Grungust series, Type 0 included. To me, the Galgau was the 2nd ugliest of the Inspector mechs (#1 ugliest to me was Dikastis). I will say that the Reishiki is probably the worst looking of the Grungust series, but I don’t think it looks ugly.

@realgundam – I think the only transformable Grungust Type 1 we’ll be seeing anytime soon is Studio Halfeye’s overpriced, disproportionate one. Kotobukiya has only added transformation gimmicks to the mechs where the transformation is practical (like the R-1 and Wildraubtier). So far they’ve had 2 chances to make transformable Supers (Cybuster and Aussenseiter) and both times they’ve passed because the transformation isn’t very practical. Looking at the Grungust Type 1 design, I think the transformation sequence fits in the “impractical” group as well (how the head forms of the “nose” nose of the WingGust mode I have no clue). Studio Halfeye tried to do it, and it just ended up looking strange to me. I don’t think Kotobukiya will make the Type 1 or the Type 2 transformable when decide to make kits for them.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

whoa another zengar mecha. Nice lookin’
I just love the sword (sishio blade isn’t it).

Comment by Strikers

The Volks Grungust Type 2 sort of transformed.. It wasn’t with the flattening like the real one, but accuracy aside it didn’t look too bad. But the Type 2 had a more simply flight mode.. As seen, transforming Grungust Type 1 just didn’t end up too pretty.

Also, I agree the Type 0 is the most unsightly of the Grungusts, but I love the thing anyway. Glad to see it finally get merchandise. (OG supers don’t get nearly as much merchandise as any of the other mechs, alas..)

Comment by Constanze

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