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Super Robot Wars Z official site update
May 2, 2008, 7:21 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z official site has updated screenshot.


Overman King Gainer

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam : A New Translation

Mazinger Z

Eureka Seven

Genesis of Aquarion

The Super Dimension Century Orguss

Space Warrior Baldios


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Comment by srw4ever

damn coool


in b4 c:v’s whining

Comment by Anonymous

I hate crossovers.
First of all, it just makes things messy and totally derailed until the whole thing has become nonsensical.

Secondly, it ripped originality away from individual titles like those inserted mecha-animes which virtually has identities of their own and seldom connect with each other.

Thirdly, crossovers do not encourage creativity and growth with developers over-emphasized on mixing and reusing titles over and over again. By keeping up with this “Too many cooks spoil the broth” attitude, the game will only ends up a major FLOP.

Comment by codename:v

Ummm, yeah, you have got it right C:V, but… you see, lemme remind you, that Kingdom Hearts is also a crossover between square games and disney cartoons, so… hmm, lets give it a chance this time, eh ?

Comment by NT1


If you don’t like simply, don’t play SRW ^^
Instead I love them… assume them as fanfiction ^^

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Man, the face sets sure are bad, look like some amateur works, if they are the same during intermission sequences I gonna skip them every time

Comment by NT1

Which also followed with KOF, MarvelvsCapcom etc, I know that. At the end, it all still depends on how well things blend with each other. Speaking of the ingredients used, it just gives me an impression that Banpresto is DESPERATE and they served a headless chicken that still runs away from the dining table.

Comment by codename:v

Banpresto is always DESPERATE… desperate for our money… 🙂
But understanding that SRW started as a cross over game from many animates, it is only later that they make OG… I would REALLY love to wee a remake of LOE from snes,,,

Comment by realgundam

I really hope they do something about the portraits. As it is they look vastly inferior to even alpha 3.

Comment by Troll ver. KA

can’t wait to play this

Comment by amuro0093

Wooohoooo. Cannot wait for the next update. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Dear God… c:v’s whining was even more nonsensical than usual, he can’t agree with himself. He loves Kingdom Hearts, but hates crossovers? lol, bullshit, total bullshit.

And SRW have always been crossovers. OG is just a spin-off, dummy. You sound like someone that never played a real SRW.

Comment by Anonymous

He is a dummy after all.

Comment by Cowboy

I’m kinda disappointed with the latest comment from code, since I usually agree with his “claims” (just not the way he presents it). This is because I really don’t see how someone that hates crossovers can be a fan of the SRW series. This, combined with the disdain he usually shows for the Banpresto originals makes me think “Why is he even here? What else is there in SRW?”. Thus I can only conclude that he is trolling for fun, trolling to generate posts, or whatever.

Comment by Anonymous

they made the portrait and dialog bar smaller to increase the size of the battle animation just like in OG not bad, never did pay close attention to the portrait as long the there’s the dialog no prob for me…

Comment by chris

Is anyone else really disappointed with the line up? Eureka Seven and King Gainer were already featured in ACE3 so that surprise is gone. Why did they pick some of the worst shows out there for the new game? I mean honestly, Seed Destiny? Gravion?

Comment by Radrappy

No big surprise it is, but old series like King Gainer, Eureka Seven, Seed Destiny, Gravion, or Baldios in new srw? Big surprise. ^.^ Cannot wait for the next update. I looooovvvee this game. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Radrappy 3, that is ACE3 not SRW 😀

Comment by Cowboy

Yeah, especially with FAGS who always download FAG-made subs and need not to pay a single cent for it. Of course they won’t mind playing PIRATED games because FAGS support piracy after all and they even use other’s name to do their FAGGOTRIES, especially some FAG who happens to stole my identity and writing things that I didn’t say. Well, that shows how LOW you FAGS can really get and FAGS just don’t understand the meaning of SHAME.

Comment by codename:v

r u telling me that u were not the one posting with the nickname “codename:v” last time? dont make me laugh, believe me there is no one that can write an article of bullshit and hate other than you, and by now we have already known ur style in writing and using CAPS and those posts were definitely yours

by the way, why r u accusing us? did u say something u wished u have never said and backfired on you? LOL

Comment by FinVortex

FinVortex .. keep kicking his ass man 😀

love the game .. can’t w8 to play it but i know it will be loooong before that happens 🙂

Comment by leonx

Lame excuses.

Comment by Cowboy

iron man kill codename:v

Comment by mchan

Figures that it’s only when c:v puts his foot in his mouth that he claims someone ‘stole’ his identity. Why didn’t he do it before? Oh, I know why. That’s because he’s a shameless liar.

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, this looks much better than alpha 3.

Comment by amuro0093

It doesn’t matter who did it or whatsoever, identity theft is a crime and it only reflects on you FAGS’ mentality. To the person who wrote in my name, ARE YOU ACTUALLY A LOW-LIFE STREET THUG WHO STOLE PEOPLE IDENTITIES AND MAKE COUNTERFEIT IDS? If so, then FAGS are RATS anyway because they CHOOSE to be. There are more than dozens of CODENAME:Vs out there and keep using my name and webpage only show that you FAGS are becoming ME ME ME…

Comment by codename:v

iron man kill codename:v again

Comment by mchan

(iron man kill codename:v) One of the latest FAGGOTRY 4chan FAGS came up with, so mchan wish to drop HEr pants to show how big HEr dick is?

Comment by codename:v

I’m waiting my chance to dig up some mountain cycle treasure…

Comment by ubr

Hey, codename:v, if some ‘FAG’ as you put it supposedly steals your identity, posts under your name, and no one can tell the difference… well, guess that makes you a ‘FAG’ too.

I encourage everyone to Google for ‘codename:v’ with ‘srw’ or ‘kingdom heart’ for massive lulz, that guy posts everywhere, and it’s the same shit over and over.

Comment by Anonymous

With the way code-v acts, spouting what is basicly repetative gibberish and generally not actually making any sence, I’m starting to wonder if he’s mentally defficient or something. Kinda takes the fun out of it, really- it’s not right to make fun of the retarded.

Comment by anonymous

The portraits we’ve seen so far are just the ones shown during battle. They don’t have anything to do with what’s shown in the intermission sequences. They don’t look bad to me, at worse they have been redrawn so that the various styles from various series don’t clash so much.

Comment by Milkman Dan

I think the main differents between kingdom hearts and SRWs is the story. Kingdom definitely tries to make a much more orginal story as to SRW just twist everything together. OG is just a result of many SRWs’ title story twist together too…

Comment by realgundam

I really like SRW games and the last one I played was Alpha Gaiden and I think it’s a major leap if I can get a copy of this.. I think codename:v is histrionic.. He just needs some attention..

Comment by ain

“I think the main differents between kingdom hearts and SRWs is the story. Kingdom definitely tries to make a much more orginal story as to SRW just twist everything together. OG is just a result of many SRWs’ title story twist together too…”

If that’s the case than I like the twist story better than the original story lol

Comment by amuro0093

(If that’s the case than I like the twist story better than the original story lol)

Confession of a FAG, I can see that you do support PIRATED PRODUCTS

Comment by codename:v

It’s ironic to see someone from Malaysia rail against pirates. Especially someone from a region infested with real, actual pirates.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Actually it became somewhat like racism, pirates are everywhere, and we should stop discussing about differences between SRW and KH, they dont have anything in common

Comment by NT1

sad really how there is a hate thing going on with CV and some ppl here… some ppl make good points against CV while someone just ride along with no good reason and make pointness common. I have no problem with they first group since their opinion are sound and reasonable, but the 2nd group really bugs me. It doesn’t help matters here and just fuel this nonsense further more.

Anyway yea, alpha was great, one of my favoiate also. But since then nothing much had improved…

Comment by realgundam

I’m curious to see which series will be the backbone of the story and which will be there just to be there. LOL I think I’m the only one here that’s happy that SEED DESTINY is in AND is psyched about using the “good” guys (Kira, Athrun and Co.) as opposed to Shinn.

The series I’m most excited about though is probably Gravion. I’ve only recently started playing SRW games (OG1 was my first about 2 1/2 years ago) and I’ve wanted Gravion in every crossover SRW I played, but it never happened…until now. Here’s hoping you get to use Sol Gravion, God Sigma Gravion and eventually Ultimate Gravion.

As for the screenshots, the in-battle portraits aren’t that great looking, but that isn’t a big deal as long as the cut-ins are nice.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

“LOL I think I’m the only one here that’s happy that SEED DESTINY is in

Nah, I’m happy too. But I prefer Shinn better than Kira lol

Comment by amuro0093

I don’t mind Destiny, I’ve never even watched it so it’s not as though I have anything to hold against it. If it’s like Astray in that it gives you lots of neat little mobile suits to play with, I sure won’t mind its presence.

Comment by Milkman Dan

I just cant wait for this gaem to be featured.

Codename Virginboy is a pirated king anyway lol

Comment by RJ

I’m really curious how they’re going to work out Akatsuki’s “Yata-no-Kagami” armor (if they include it in the game). I guess they could always do the whole “get to a certain morale level and it activates” thing, which would then cause all beam attacks to bounce back at the mechs that fired them. Just to balance it out, I guess they could have it drain energy for every beam attack it bounces back.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Yata-no-Kagami armor suppostively can only reflect a n amount of energy as how it works is it stores the energy then redirect it. But appearently the capacitor can store more energy then a cruiser’s positron beam cannon.. lol…
So I guess they can help all beam below some amount of damage being reflected to enemy, and take the rest of the damage…

Comment by realgundam

Being this is SEED Destiny, by the time the Impulse becomes the Destiny, which sides will the players side with? Still the old Jesus Yamato? In a way, it’s still predictable as SEED Destiny has more EMOS than any of the mecha titles above and it’s possible that they change the ending so that players can use Destiny or Legend? Aside from that, the METEOR is one of the most stupidest mech throughout Alpha 3 and I doubt Banpresto will make adjustments to that since they’re reusing the same old sprites. If Banpresto can really make suckers out of FAGS more than 5 times, then it only shows how little SINCERITIES Banpresto has…

Terada: May I take your orders, sir?
CV: Yeah, I will like to have your HEART on a spit.

Comment by codename:v


Comment by srwog

Z is a project banpresto has been working on for the last 2 and a half years so u wont see any reused sprites this time codename:v

Comment by FinVortex

why are you still avoiding the question on why you’re here codename:v?
is it that hard to answer?
why would you even be here if you hate SRW in the first place?
or are you really a retard like everyone says?

Comment by FAG

If I had to guess, I would say that we probably switch sides to Kira and Co. during the 2nd Battle of Orb, if they include it. By then, the Shinn fans have had plenty of time to use Destiny Gundam to “kill” Athrun and Meyrin, as well as Operation Ragnarok (taking out all those Destroy Gundams), plus any other extra stages they wish to add.

Either that, or it will be a route split thing where you either choose to join the Archangel or Minerva for the SEED DESTINY portion of the game. I’ll probably be one of the few people here who’ll happily go with Kira and Co. and relive “FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!”.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

There is no evidence that sprites are being re-used. That kind of comment is unfounded on anything except blind prejudice.

Comment by Milkman Dan

“why are you still avoiding the question on why you’re here codename:v?”

Pay more attention to what he does than what he writes. He has a DeviantArt account filled with mecha and anime drawings, including SRW fanarts of ‘grampa robot’ as he puts it. He comments on all blogs related to SRW and mecha model kits with frequency that approaches obsessiveness.

No matter how often we say it seems he doesn’t like or play SRW, it’s painfully obvious that he’s obsessed with all things SRW, and will pre-order SRWZ just like the rest of us. Or pirate it, he seems to have piracy a lot on his mind.

By the way he huffs and puffs in his various posts, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has real feelings of helplessness in his real life. Observe how much he overreacted a while back to someone threatening him, he doesn’t seem very secure.

Comment by Milkman Dan

I think DeviantArt is dead.. couldn;t login for a long time

Comment by realgundam

What do you mean by ‘dead’? I just opened a tab to DeviantArt and it’s working.

Comment by Milkman Dan

If someone stole codename:v’s identity, why is it the exact same icon in all of his posts? Oh yeah, I know why: he’s a shameless liar.

Comment by Milkman Dan


Comment by BENOBO

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