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R-1 EO tech 1/100
May 5, 2008, 5:25 am
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Kotobukiya site has updated R-1 EO Tech 1/100 in SRW OG plastic kit section.

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Hmm so instead of including a fully-painted pilot figure to display next to your completed kit, they include a rack for the extra weapons eh?

Well all I’m gonna say is, if they do a 1/100 Weissritter, they better include a pre-painted Excellen Browning figure, or I’m going to be very disappointed.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Are they gonna include glowing fists for T-Link Knuckle?

Comment by thepyro

yes, it will include a fist for the T-Link Knuckle.
However, that still leaves the question whether or not it will also have a T-Link Sword part effect

Comment by beamknight87

I hope the legs have better flexibility and balance better. The legs on the 1/144 moved stiffly and couldn’t keep the model balanced without falling backward

Comment by waffle

If the R-1 is a combination of Zeta and Shining with one exception that it’s a combiner unit, then I think Koto really make suckers with this kit. Simple designs, low in details, average 1/100 movements+gigs and worst of all-NOT able to combine with other R machines into SRX as it should be. If compared this with the MG Zeta ver.2, the MG Zeta ver.2 is a better buy as it is high in details, better action poses and cheaper too. Want something more challenging? Try the MG EX-S.
If it is Koto’s intention to make suckers out of FAGS, then I guess they really nail it being this is the mech piloted by RyuuseiDate-the mecha-fetish weirdo and the only way to get him laid is to dress up as Valsione. Seriously, what makes the R-1 special is not the T-link knuckles but the ability to combine with other R machines into SRX. Unfortunately, Koto failed to make that happen and all they can offer is this HALF-PAST-6 1/100 kit. Man, even a 9 year-old can built this R-1…

Comment by codename:v

Looking at the way the SRX combines, I don’t see anyway they can make a straight combination work with a plastic kit (they could definitely do it with a Soul of Chogokin type toy though). I could see a parts swap mechanism sort of work, but even then I imagine it would be really unstable and have all kinds of issues. Plus you would definitely have to modify the proprotions of each R-series mech and the SRX itself to even get it to work. For example, the R-2 Powered totally opens up and inverts to allow the R-1 to slide in. There’s no way you can make the R-2 both open up like it does in the combination sequence AND have it be an articulated standalone kit at the same time. The stability issues would be a nightmare. A combinable SRX would be so complicated, that it would cost way more than most of us are willing to spend. You can blame your hero Hajime Katoki for creating a mech that just wouldn’t work as a kit codename:v.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Yeah, I can blame it on Katoki for such designs that won’t work as no one’s perfect. But I tend to find it even more inexcusable if one didn’t even try or put in some efforts to make it work. If VOLKS can do it, then why can’t Koto do it too? LAME

Comment by codename:v

LOL, you know what, I totally forgot about VOLKS’ combineable SRX toy. The difference between that and a potential kit of a combineable SRX is that the VOLKS toy is made out of sturdier materials than plamo.

Could Kotobukiya try and do it…sure, but imagine how much plastic it would take to make not only the three mechs, their plus parts and the swap parts, but all the extra accessories and the R-Gun Powered(if you want to be 100% accurate). The kit would cost way more than the Volks toy, and personally I don’t think it would sell well at all. Even if you did split it up into 3-4 separate kits (to ease the price issue), there’s still the issue of plamo material being a lot flimsier than the stuff they make figures out of, which, like I said in my first post, would lead to all sorts of stability issues. I mean, c’mon, the SRX is basically the R-1 + R-2 on top of the R-3 and some skinny legs . You’d have to keep it in a plain standing pose about 75% of the time otherwise it would just fall apart. Plus what do you do when the joints go bad? On action figures, all it takes is an easy application of super glue to tighten the joints a bit, but with polycaps, that doesn’t work (with my experience anyway).

You said it’s inexcusable that they’re not even trying, but put yourself in their shoes. You’re running a business that aims to make money. Would you risk putting your precious resources into something that is more than likely going to fail miserably? Sure a handful of hardcore SRX fans will probably get it, but that’s only a portion of the SRW fanbase.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

a plastic accurate SRX simply put would require tons of swapping parts, 3 plamo R machines capable of doing the transformation sequence is simply not possible. I hope we get a chogokin SRX that more or less can evoke the feeling of it being a combinable robot

Comment by beamknight87

nothing is impossible.. plaste kit can do fully transforable… you can always add some metal parts 😛

Comment by realgundam

It’s not a question of it being possible, it’s a question of it being practical in terms of making money for the company, and I don’t think it is, otherwise we would’ve seen it by now.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

“you can always add some metal parts”

Then metal parts would boost the price.

CyberSynaptic is right on. Like I said before, making a transformable MODEL KIT is a two-edged sword. You can either save money and compromise stability, or make the thing stable and but cost more.

And please, don’t make it sound like you guys are actually smarter than the guys making the decisions in companies like Koto. To churn out products like these require a lot of feasibility studies. So if we haven’t seen Koto make a 1/100 fully accurate R-1 plamo, it’s either it’s just plain impossible to do with existing technology or it’s financially unfeasible.

If you really think you are smarter… Then go show them your feasibility studies. At least your time would be spent more wisely than simply trolling here.

Comment by Auriga

If Todd Mcfarlane can comes up with the Interlink-6 Spawn set, then I don’t why can’t KOTO/Bandai do the FULL ACTION SRX.

Now since when western rednecks has now started to sound like CHINESE BUSINESSMEN? Always want more cash-ins and less cash-outs? Well, of course everyone would want that but sometimes to beat your rivals, you just have to do the impossible. I’m not a good modeller but I certainly not the WEEABO-type who goes around kissing NIPPON BUTTS to cover-up their mediocre works.

Comment by codename:v

“If Todd Mcfarlane can comes up with the Interlink-6 Spawn set, then I don’t why can’t KOTO/Bandai do the FULL ACTION SRX.”

Very funny, since you’re comparing a set of complete action figures with PLASTIC MODELS. When comparing, you like, y’know, compare things that are quite similar?

“Now since when western rednecks has now started to sound like CHINESE BUSINESSMEN? ”

You think I’m from the west? ROFLMAO.

“I’m not a good modeller but I certainly not the WEEABO-type who goes around kissing NIPPON BUTTS to cover-up their mediocre works.”

Yup, I guess I’m a kiss-up. I’m also a kiss-up who knows engineering, manufacturing and business methods. And you… As far as I’m concerned, you’re a headless troll who nitpicks for a living.

Yup, you’re way better than me, huh?

Comment by Auriga

Codename V, you forget that the Volks Fully combinable SRX kit does not just consist of the 3 personal troopers but additional replacement parts so that it can “combine”.

Now considering that that set of action figures + parts costs 50000 yen (3 times the price of the Daizengar Ikki Tousen), imagine how much the plamo kit would cost. And to top it off you are asking Kotobukiya to actually ONE UP volks and create a plamo kit that fully combines?

I know you’re a troll and all but at least put some thought into what you’re trolling about. You sound like a kid who’s asking Santa Claus to send you a pony for Christmas. Geez…

Comment by Kniteowl

Auriga: Suit yourself, for someone who claimed he knows engineering and business method can also sounded like a whining WEEABO, what a shame.

Kniteowl: I know that. That’s why I find it possible to come up with a fully combinable SRX, even those plastic combinable robots toys I saw from night markets here are better than this half-past-6 KOTO R-1.

Comment by codename:v

I like how code accused ppl of “whining” for wishing a Compatible Kaiser kit, when he also keeps complaining when the makers doesn’t deliver what he wants. Double standards much?

Comment by Anonymous

i have R-1 1/144.
Should i buy this one ?

Now im saving my money to buy R-2 powered or R-Gun Powered.
But since i see this info, i’m speechless.

Im a little confuse here which one should i buy?

Comment by Strikers

(Now im saving my money to buy R-2 powered or R-Gun Powered. But since i see this info, i’m speechless.
Im a little confuse here which one should i buy?)

How difficult can that be? Just stick back to the original plan. Having 2 half-past6 R-1s is stupid enough…

Comment by codename:v

i wanna some challenge from kotobukiya plastic kit…
the 1/100 is more difficult than 1/144 isn’t it?

but, i think you’re right.
i should back to my original plan.

I can buy the 1/100 at Xmas. lol

Comment by Strikers

The EOTECH R-1 is just slightly tricky than the 1/144. Want more difficulties? Do the MG EX-S.

Comment by codename:v

Or go for a Perfect Grade.

Comment by thepyro

“…I find it possible to come up with a fully combinable SRX, even those plastic combinable robots toys I saw from night markets here are better than this half-past-6 KOTO R-1…”

Okay, forgive me for being an ignorant American (I’m actually Filipino, but live in the US), but what’s a “night market” and what does “half-past-6” mean?

Night market sounds like a strip club or whorehouse or something of that nature…but I’ll let someone else clarify that for me.

However, I’m guessing “half-past-6” means something similar to “halfass”. If that’s the case, I don’t see how this R-1 kit is halfass at all. It might not be 100% complete (it seems to be missing a T-Link Sword effect part), but it can do everything else the R-1 can do ON ITS OWN (so you can’t say “hey but it can’t combine to form SRX…”). So for fans of just the R-1, and I know there are some out there, this model is great IMHO.

@Strikers – it all depends dood. Just how much of an R-1 fan are you? The 1/144 R-1 doesn’t come with the T-Link Knuckle fist and probably isn’t as articulated as this kit, but if you’re okay with that, then stick to your original plan.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Night markets or ‘Pasar Malam’ are practically grocery markets open only at dusk where stall vendors sell drinks, foods, clothes etc. You can find night markets everywhere all over SE Asia.

A 1/100 scale Blue Astray frame 2nd is cheaper and got more gimmicks to show, Koto jacks up the price all because this is an R-1?
What a rip-off…

Comment by codename:v

First of all, have you ever built a Kotobukiya kit? The color separation on the 1/144 Koto kits far surpass what we see on any HG 1/144 kit from Bandai, which I think is the biggest part in the higher price. For the most part you can pretty much display 1/144 and No Scale Koto kits straight built out of the box and they would look a lot closer to their game/anime counterparts than a 1/144 HG Gundam kit straight built.

As for the Blue Frame 2nd L having more gimmicks than the R-1, lets run them down shall we?

Blue Frame:
*Tactical Arms triples as sword, flight pack and gatling (this only counts as one gimmick whether you like it or not)
*Armor Schneider knives can store on legs
*Retractable toe blades
*Unpainted Gai and Lowe figures included

*Transformable into R-Wing
*T-Link Knuckle effect fist
*Storage rack for boosted rifle and shield
*Boosted rifle can be put on wing pod in R-Wing mode
*Cold metal knife storage on the wing pods
*G-revolver storage on hips

I’m not going to argue that the R-1 is very pricey, but you can’t possibly say that the Astray Blue Frame 2nd L has more gimmicks than the R-1.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Oh, and FYI, I like the Astray Blue Frame 2nd L tons more than I like the R-1. Hell I don’t even like the R-1 that much really. If you don’t agree that the Tactical Arms counts as one gimmick, then it can’t count as more as 3. Even then, it has the SAME AMOUNT (since you love using capitals)as the R-1.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I haven’t built one Koto kit yet but I did try on a Hasegawa kit before and it was plain horrible as the parts are very loose and reminds me of those pirated Gunplas.

The figures do show that R-1 has more tricks up its sleeves, in addition it is a transformable kit. Except an R-1 is no difference than a HGUC Zeta and it just isn’t impressive enough for me. Although low in weaponry, BlueFrame2ndL is alot more detailed compared to this “bland” R-1. Hell, even the RedFrame is also better than R-1…

Since I always use capitals, let me put this:

Comment by codename:v

Let me guess, you didn’t apply any plastic cement to ensure that the parts adhere together. I built up a VF-1S and an F-14 from Hasegawa and never had any problems with loose parts. In fact, I think their kits are top notch. Fault lies not with the kit, but with the person building with the kit, aka you You’re just bashing the company because of your lack of scale modeling skill and knowledge.

Comment by dodgethis

“I haven’t built one Koto kit yet ” – codename:v

This says it all. You are making overgeneralised statements about a company whose kits you haven’t even built… From one fellow Malaysian to another… please for the love of God stop what you are doing now. Just because you get ripped off by the lack of choice and the jacked up prices the “hobby stores” sell this for in Malaysia doesn’t mean that you should let that chip on your shoulder cloud your judgement and reasoning.

Oh, and HAI to dodgethis!!!

Comment by Kniteowl

As far I know about Hasegawa, they are famous for aeroplanes plamos. When they try on injection-kits with Temjin 747J, it was terrible.

Koto aren’t just about SRW, Armorcore ACs are alot more better than those half-past-6 OG mechs and they can swap parts too.

I don’t need to be like Max Watanabe/Tokuji Yamada to voice out my opinions and you FAGS who are behaving like RUNNING DOGS has no rights to shut me up.

Comment by codename:v

Wait, you’ve mentioned earlier you have not built any Kotobukiya kits, so how did you come to the conclusion that their AC kits are better the SRW: OG kits? Or is this another one of your assumptions based on your dislike for SRW in general?

Your opinion is moot because like you’ve said before, you’ve never built any of the kits, so how is it you are able to give a review when it is just based on assumption and not on personal hands-on experience? Have you received a copy of the 1/100 R-1 to make such judgements?

I am getting the same right to rebutt your arguments from the very same authority that granted you the right to call other people names just because they disagree with you, whatever authority that maybe. Please, ‘sir’, if you want people to civil towards you, please be civil towards others. I really wonder how you are able to survive in the real world. Or are you putting a tough guy persona on the Internet to make up for your lack of actual physical ability?

Comment by dodgethis

Lol @ codename:v resorting to verbal abuse since he has backed himself up against a wall.

Yeah, we’re “RUNNING DOGS” all right, thats why we come up with so many lame excuses to try and validate our point such as “I don’t need to be like Max Watanabe/Tokuji Yamada to voice out my opinions”

Comment by Kniteowl

DOGthis: The rights for rebutting comments? Same here. Behaving more CIVIL? Does that apply to you FAGS as well? Being this is Zeta-cum-Shining Gundam copycat, this Half-past6 R-1 is already a bad impression for me. Why should I waste money on this piece of garbage?

KnitYEOW: (Yeah, we’re “RUNNING DOGS” all right) Fetch KniteOwl Fetch! Good boy!

Comment by codename:v

Oh look… someone doesn’t understand the meaning of sarcasm -_-… Notice that no one here has called you a Fag or any other such derogatory term. No one said you should buy the 1/100 R-1 but giving it flak even though you don’t have it, don’t intend to buy it and you are BASICALLY CLUELESS when it comes to model kits – let alone not having EVER built a Koto kit, all you do is bring shit upon yourself.

The best you can do to rebutt what I said earlier is just to act like an 8 year old who’s losing an argument? Pffft… I’m wasting my time here… At least we have something to back up our arguments… all you resort to is name calling. Yawn…

Comment by Kniteowl

Okay, I can see how the R-1 is similar to Zeta (only similar, the transformation sequence is little different), but how is the R-1 like the Shining Gundam? R-1 doesn’t have a a hyper mode or super mode like Shining Gundam does. The T-Link Knuckle is a totally different type or weapon than the Shining Finger. The T-Link Knuckle uses telekinetic power to increase the strength of the blow, while the Shining Finger uses extreme heat in order to destroy the head of the enemy. As for the other attacks, the T-Link Sword is a projectile attack, while the Shining Finger Sword is more of a melee weapon.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Then why the glowing fist in the animation? If that isn’t copying the Shining hands, how can Banpresto state that it’s completely original?

Comment by codename:v

codename:v = vforvengence on deviantart, hah y am i not surprise to find out u’re the same guy, an extremist, a mecha nazi, grow up kid!

Comment by Anonymous

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