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Endless Frontier: SRW OG Saga manga chapter 1-2
May 9, 2008, 1:39 am
Filed under: Anime, SRW

Download chapter 1, 24 pages, size 3.9Mb

Download chapter 2, 24 pages, size 7.8Mb

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FIRST, Thank you!
Too bad don’t know how to read it.
But does it really matters when comes to SRW.
Looking forward for the game.

Comment by ottoto

Thanks for using Mediafire.

Comment by Milkman Dan

awsome i hope its english


btw how do i put an avatar?

Comment by FinVortex

oo nice i am blue

Comment by FinVortex

lol nice

Comment by srw4ever

Er. Why would the manga be in English? It’s in Japanese of course.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Thanks for the Manga

Comment by Srx121

I hope some group pick it up and scanlate it 😉

Comment by Daigelmir

Thank you!

Comment by Y.

Since the BANANAS won’t be able to read the taiwan-mandarin version of it, I don’t think there will ever be an english version of this crap unless FAGS make pirated prints out of it…

Comment by codename:v

i guess u cant even read what we are posting all the time…. lol

Comment by RJ

RJ: Yeah, I can’t read your ORANG-UTAN handwritings. What’s wrong? Just escape from the Singaporean zoo?

Comment by codename:v

Thanks for the manga mate!!

Comment by kadej_R

Does anyone actually understand what codename:v is saying? I must be missing the cultural background necessary to get it.

Comment by Milkman Dan

RJ… best to not provoke CV anymore.. let’s have some piece and quite… not all the post have to be 50 comments with you guys fighting out a bloody war

Comment by realgundam

‘RJ… best to not provoke CV anymore.. let’s have some piece and quite… not all the post have to be 50 comments with you guys fighting out a bloody war’

Who provoked who, now?

Comment by thepyro

Why should I care about the Retarded AH-BENG with-the-J and his half-past-6 mentality? Here in Malaysia, Singaporeans are the biggest customers to our pirated products because most Singaporeans are calculative cheapskates.

Biarlah aje, Si Beruk Bangsat tu masih berangan-angan nak jadi samseng.

Comment by codename:v

Yeah, he lost it.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Tell that to the other FAG who always post in latin…

Comment by codename:v

PROTIP: Machine translation just doesn’t work.

Speaking of translation…

Comment by Milkman Dan

See? FAGS do support PIRATED PRODUCTS, visit Malaysia where everything is CHEAP

Comment by codename:v

I agree, bootlegged products are pretty cheap.

Comment by Milkman Dan

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Comment by condominios en playas en mazatlan

Could you please update the download link, please? I want so bad to read this manga

Comment by pepiyo

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