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New pic of MG Musha Gundam
May 9, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Edit: add 4 pics bigger size.




Source: Hobby Shop Midori, Hobbyist

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OMG … This is so cool … I think I’ll get one ^_^

Comment by Daigelmir

this is awesome, i want it

Comment by Dale

ok… this is what I have been waiting for! Glad to see they included all the weapons of the GFF version. I really want to see if at least they made a better katana than with the 1/100 Red Frame lol

Comment by beamknight87

It’s a pity that they put samurai armor on an OYW ver Gundam while a ver 2 is on its way, otherwise this is even more poseable like the one in the game, now let’s see if they come up with the Musha MKII. Hoshinosikara nani monotennaru

Comment by codename:v

Simply incredible.

Comment by Shaddix

Holy crap… These MGs keep getting better and better! How do they do it!?

Comment by thepyro

Holy cow !! Alot of painting needed especially goldie~! Hope Bandai gonna make Musha Mk.II as well.

Comment by sbhboi

wait this is MG right? so is it actually huge in size compared to other 1/100 gundams like in the game?
anyway love the blades.

Comment by realgundam

Well, it can’t be as big as that Perfect Zeong… can it?

Comment by thepyro

codename V just like to complain right? it gets boring after many times. anyway, this mg looks good. still, i think that perhaps, articulations will be severly limited around the arms. might get it though

Comment by siegmund

[…] Blog ha immesso  onine alcune belle immagini del Master Grade Musha […]

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Speaking of size, the Musha Gundams are pretty huge in the game, about the height of 2 MobileSuits. Yeah, they can be as big as the PerfectZeong.

Comment by codename:v

I think that some of the previous scans referred to this as “non-scale”. So I doubt this thing will be THAT huge (like perfect Zeong). Most probably it will be the average size of a MG Gundam, after all, this has the exact same inner frame of the RX-78-2 OYW Version, just swap the white armor for the samurai one.

Comment by beamknight87

ok so its not suppost to be 1/100 then. I though MG is set at 1/100….

Comment by realgundam

They have made 1/35 scale Patlabors under the MG line in the past.

Comment by dodgethis

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