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Action figure review: Perfect Change Cybaster
May 10, 2008, 9:06 pm
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Review from 日向亭どっとこむ blog.

Part 1 Cybird mode

Part 2 Transformable to Cybaster

Part 3 Cybaster

Part 4 In actions

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This Studio-halfeye Psybuster can really transforms into the Psybird form which is also it’s Akashic Buster attack. In addition with a sword (the only wielded weapon unfortunately) it’s dream-come-true for Masoukishin FAGS.

Never have I seen a funnel attack so silly with those 2 Hi-familiars? sticking out on antennas attached to the Psybuster. Sheesh, can’t they just attach them to the display platform? You can even wear those 2 on your party hats like 2 huge hairlices jumping out from your head.

After a real bad experience with this paper tiger on both OG games, the Psybuster is nothing more than the WORST OG mech to me even in this reincarnation as a toy. I prefer to go for the upcoming VF-25 Messiah from Macross Frontier

Comment by codename:v



The Lord of Benchwarmers!!!!!!!

Comment by beamknight87

Looks sweet, even though he’s broader and much fatter, but that’s understandable to make it transformable.

The funnels are ugly as CV mentioned but cyberbuster’s design isn’t bad at all considering it’s age. (hate those chicken legs)

Comment by Ekove

i don’t like it, its too….”Simple”…..unlike the other robot they have….
Why no COSMO NOVA mode?
But, i still get one if i could find it.

Comment by ottoto

It makes me happy to know that Cybuster still gets some love from time to time, especially now that he gets none from Banpresto, with Terada managing to screw him in every appearance.

The model looks awesome, the guys at Studio Half-Eye did an amazing job.

Comment by Anonymous

Its about time SRW have Phybuster an upgrade model… I have used this since SRW EX XDDD

Comment by realgundam

It’s a great work by studio half eye.
Fans hoping for a complete change Cybaster right?
now there is so much arguement and dislike once it is released? Please….

Cybaster is like a trademark for early SRW games from the 2nd SRW to OG. I really like this mecha even if it is still the same 🙂

Comment by RJ

same mate Cybuster is a cool robot ever but yeah one day I hope we will see the upgrade version ^^ YEah !!! by the way I want this toy hahahah

Comment by kadej_R

“Looks sweet, even though he’s broader and much fatter, but that’s understandable to make it transformable.”

No wonder Psybuster’s a NO-NECK…

Comment by codename:v

This looks a lot closer to the actual mech than the Grungust they did last year that looked totally disproportionate. Maybe in a few years they’ll be able to make toys that are close to 100% in both proportions and transformation. I’m curious to see if STUDIO HALFEYE can do a full transformable R-Gun Powered.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Oh i forgot, I am a huge faggot

Comment by codename:v

Hello, copycat. I must say, they turned you into a RETARDED so that they can tell the difference?

Comment by codename:v

SRWhotnews; can you listen to us and ban this idiot.

Comment by Tescoman

This idiot is just a crap here… how to ban him lol

Comment by RJ

There is one thing I don’t understand is where the hell are the rest of the Masoukishins? Aren’t these 3 are supposed to fight along with Psybuster? Well, I don’t know much about the ongoing rumors of Winkysoft-Banpresto issue which touches on copyrights and ownerships as politics are norms in businesses but I find it a total waste without their present in current games.

Comment by codename:v


Comment by amuro0093

If Banpresto is following the original story-line regarding the Masoukishin than the absence of the other Masoukishins can be easily justified, since they don’t appear before the Ragnarok.

But either way I wouldn’t put much faith on Terada to push the Masoukishin any further.

Comment by Anonymous

Speaking of toys, I’ve got news will make you FAGS happy. SIC for SRW is the DGG 1 & 2 set, squeal ya FAGS:

Comment by codename:v

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