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May 22, 2008, 10:48 pm
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GAT-FJ108 Raigo Gundam

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Is it hard to draw beautiful face ? answer me Okawara

Comment by ShinGundam

ShinGundam, I think you should ask that question to yourself. Think you do better than Okawara? Then draw one out.
Sheesh, yet another butt-ugly looking Gundam. The Raigo is no different than the Strike model, I guess Okawara really tired of these SEED craps.

Comment by codename:v

Okawara isn’t that bad but his Seed desgins are getting boring everyday, but Okawara’s best desgin were from Wing and X. That new Gundam reminds me GX because of it’s colors.

Comment by robotodude665+1

too many gundam if you ask me… the term “Gundam” had lost all meaning really…

Comment by realgundam

Yeah, Gundam is so ‘GM’ now…
To me, it’s a wrong move in Sunrise and Bandai marketing by making more Gundams for EMO boys until they lose touch on the issue of aesthetics and concepts. Seriously, Gundam animes aren’t supposed to be good, they are meant to sell Gunplas.

Comment by codename:v

I don’t think the Raigo is all that bad looking. Way better looking than 0 Gundam IMHO (quite possibly Okawara’s worst design to me).

The CGUE ASSAULT look badass though. I’d take that over anything Char ever piloted.

I for one don’t mind all the Strike look-alikes. I was a huge fan of the original Strike, and each one brings something new to the table. If they can make all those different RX-78 recolors (regular, rollout, casaval, G-3, prototype, etc.), and 10-20 versions of the Zaku II which I find utterly boring, then by all means they can keep churning out Strike look-alikes and I’ll probably like something about each one.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

the thing is, Gundam are suppost to be a limited prototype/commander unit. its purpose is suppost to test out how good a design is before the army mass produce it, which make perfect sence. It is moronic to make so many limited prototype units, both from the technical and financial logic. There should only be 3-4 units per generalation, not 7-10….

Comment by realgundam

Even if SEED/SEED DESTINY had more Gundams than the other series, it’s not like they gave Gundams to just any regular grunt. Plus, given the size of the mobilesuit armies in the CE, 7-10 is still considered “limited prototype/commander”.

The original GATs were supposed to go to EA “Top Guns” before ZAFT aces and special forces (red suits) stole them, but the main character got one (which is of course expected). Then when the upgrades appeared in SEED (Freedom and Justice), the Strike went to a former EA ace (Mwu). The Bio CPUs got Gundams because they’re part of a special project (think Four Murasame in Zeta). Cagalli gets the Strike Rouge because at the time she’s arguably the best pilot from Orb and it’s current leader. Of course Rau would get one being the main antagonist character.

In DESTINY, Shinn (a red ace) gets the Impulse to start, and Athrun (a former ZAFT ace) gets the Saviour. The Chaos, Abyss and Gaia fall into the same category as the Bio CPUs Gundams, only exception is that they were jacked from the enemy.
Kira still has the Freedom being the main character from the first series, and Cagalli still has the Strike Rouge, being Orb’s leader and commander in chief. The Destroy would be the same as the Gundam Hexa from Victory and the Ground Gundam from 08th MS Team (mass produced Gundams) just larger. We never see the pilots of the other Destroys, but one would assume that they wouldn’t put just regular soldiers in them. Then the upgrades come, Destiny goes to Shinn, Rey gets Legend and Luna gets Impulse (all three being ZAFT red suits), Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, and a red Gaia go to higher-ups on the Clyne Faction side of things (Kira, Athrun and Andy), and the Akatsuki goes from one leader to another (Phantom Pain’s Neo Lorrnoke who ends up being you know who). So looking at it all, the Gundams still went to people who had siginicance on each side.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

the term “gundam” is very rarely used in SEED/Destiny series to describe the mobile suit. the term “gundam” refers to a particular mobile suit super advanced operating system. If you look at it like that it make since to why there are so many in this series. In Past series “gundam” was taken from the extremely strong and rare material that the armor was made from that makes it nearly indestructible and far superior to any mass produced mobile suit or seasoned veteran pilot. In those cases so many aren’t necessary or feasible. Just my two cents.

Comment by Gai Incognito

Gai, thats actually only the description for W series..;)

Comment by realgundam

Gundam, its called like that just because Yoshiyuki combine the Gun(from where i dont remember) with the Dam as the dam hold the water. So it’s don’t have anything to do with the Gundanium Alloy in the W.
Well, the Raigo look like what-Strike-look-like-if-it-in-00, basically, it sucks, i dont mind the Strike E but this totally crap, and the CGUE Assault sure look good, but how it gonna move with such a big side shield around, more, it even attached to the shoulder and so narrow for the arm moving. “I don’t see the logic here…”

Comment by yasulong

Wow Raigo = craptastic. There is nothing even remotely interesting or unique about it.

Comment by Anonymous

You guys have to keep in mind that in the anime and manga Zaft and the earth forces don’t call them Gundams. They usually just call them the G-Weapons or the Prototypes. The only people that called them Gundams was Kira and the crew of the Archangel. And that was because it was an anacronim for the MS’s OS which was:

The only reason we call them Gundams was because thats how they were marketed. But in the show and manga they didn’t make a big deal about it.

I really hope that the Raigo Gundam is more than just another variation of the Strike. It would be nice if it was capable of using more than just striker packs.

And that CGUE is most likey a space only unit. With all that added equipment it wouldn’t work so well on earth or in a colony.

Comment by Gundamus Prime

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Comment by stratos

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