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May 22, 2008, 12:01 pm
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Edit: Updated new hi-res scans.

New plastic kit from Kotobukiya

Linebarrels Of Iron series 1/144

New MS from Gundam 00V

GNX-509T Throne Varanus

HG Saachez Enact

MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon – August

HGUC Kämpfer – (no date yet)

MG RX-78 Ver.2.0 – July, 4,410 Yen

HCM-Pro Tallgeese – August, 2,940 Yen

HCM-Pro Gundam SandRock – July, 2,970 Yen

SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden series

DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VF-25 (Alto) 1/60

Avalanche Exia 1/100 – July, 3,360 Yen

Tieren Ground Type 1/100

Gundam Astraea Type F 1/100



HGUC Sazabi

MG Shin Musha Gundam

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I’m definitely going to be picking up that HCM-Pro Tallgeese. I wonder if Bandai plans on making more HCM-Pros from Gundam Wing besides the first 5 Gundams and the Tallgeese. I hope they at least do the Deathscythe Hell, Altron, Epyon and Tallgeese II.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

If there’s anything better looking than the Turn-A, it’s gotta be the Tallgeese. It’s a pity they won’t make a MG Tallgeese III so that it would pair with the MG Wing Zero Custom. Or just come up with the of Ver.Ka GundamWing Gundams for a full membership.

Comment by codename:v

whoa, HCM Tallgeese? It is one of the sexiest suits around. How good are the HCM-Pros then? I have never bought one, but seeing all this Wing line up I’m very tempted to get them all.
Now only Epyon is missing

Comment by beamknight87

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That time of the month for Dengenki and Hobby Japan already? Time to get ready to buy them.

Comment by dodgethis

I want to see if they make the TV series version of Wing Zero into HCM-Pro and maybe into MG not the Wing Zero Custom.

Comment by deadman665=+

which would you guys say is better the MG OYW rx-78 gundam or the MG ver.2 rx-78 gundam?

Comment by chris

the VF-25 actually looks pretty good. hopefully it doesn;t turn out to be crap once they added the color.. like the others…

Comment by realgundam

also.. another freaking Zasabe.. give me nightingale!!!

Comment by realgundam

It’s a 1:60 VF-25 Messiah, how crappy can it get? Relax… I really dig into this Linebarrel mech, the designs are pretty closely resembled with ZOE’s Orbital Frames.

When you married the Throne and the GN-X, you get an offspring known as Throne Varanus. 00 sure produces quite a great deal of freakshows like Igor and Frankenstein. Sooner or later, wearing a box written ‘IMMA GUNDAM’ will become a hip trend among EMO FAGS…

Comment by codename:v

codename:v Gundam 00 is geart I owned the 4 heros gundams and the overflag. Is fine if you don’t like it.

Comment by robotodudeXo

“When you married the Throne and the GN-X, you get an offspring known as Throne Varanus.”

V, it’s painfully obvious that it’s the other way around. Just look at the model numbers of the Varanus and the GN-X.

Comment by Recognizer

Gundam 00 is actually one of the WORST Gundam animes I’ve ever watch since SEED. Poor designs, weak stories and way too many EMO scenes are what you get in 00, only EMO FAGS will suck it up willingly. Robotodude, it’s obvious that you’re not a mecha fan at all because your insights about mecha is so limited to 00.

Comment by codename:v

I really don’t see how anyone can rate 00 lower then the crap that was Destiny…

Comment by thepyro

Linebarrels?!! Very strong!

Comment by Debris

honestly, if codename v thinks that gundam oo is crappy, well it his opinion, but with all the insults about it , it reallly makes him an immature idiot. grow up

Comment by siegmund

I’m not really a fan of the Thrones and GN-X, and Throne Varanus is technically the continuation of that line of desings, the thrones and GN-X were 4 of the few Gundam 00 desings i didn’t like at all (the other ones being the AEU that felt like they were just Flags with swapped heads and different rifles and colors), everything else was quite good, the Original Gundams, Gundam 0, Tieren and it’s variations, Taozi and the Flag variations were also quite good looking.

About the series itself, i did enjoy Gundam 00 a lot, personally i thought it was a success in pulling out the gundam franchrise out of the pic after what SEED Destiny did, and compared to the series that was before it and now it’s second season took it’s place as “Sunrise Series of the moment” (aka Code Geass) it was a far more interesting series, considering that many of the Gundam Cliches were still there, but even for that, it was a great series with characters that grow on you.

Comment by Metzen

Yeah, i understand, realgundam, compare to it’s arch enemy, the Nightingale is so shadow-ed. While the Sazabi got a lots of models, i can only remember ONE of Nightingale model. Bandai, please, one MG Nightingale is far better than a RX-78-2 or even the Musha.

And the Linebarrels kits look so half-hearted, if they want to sell good, put more effort on it.

Metzen, i don’t like insult other people but if you think 00 interesting than Code Geass, then you sure as hell is an idiot. Code Geass pwned Gundam 00 in every aspect you can name it: characters, designs, plots, musics, mecha(well, this one is not really but the Gawain definetly badass)…

Comment by yasulong

well yasulong, there was no need for you to call me an idiot for stating my opinion, in fact that was out of place, you don’t need to insult someone to stablish your dissagreementm, i’m not gonna insult you for not agreeing, as much i’ll state why i think like this.

I don’t think that CG pwned 00 at all, specially considering that 00 keep a great deal of Gundam Cliches and did quite well and did made up for Seed Destiny’s Failure. I liked it’s music, it’s characters that grow on the watcher as the episdoes go on and the plot showed how wrong we were seeing 00 as Gundam Wing 2.0

CG on the other hand was a separate and new series for the genre but ripped off so many stuff from others series that it only shows that as a series it was meant to just get a bigger fandom by putting a bit of everything, in the wrong way, so they can sell more stuff.

And personally the Meisters and the National Block Aces were many times far more likeable that a great deal of the CG characters (incluiding the main leads who i sure have a beef with), i only like a handful of characters from CG and the others i can’t stand them. I’ll still watch it for the sake of seeing how it ends and see what happens with that “Handful” of people i do like, but i’m not having too much expectation with this series, and i’m not enjoying it as much as the whole first season of Gundam 00, and man, considering we are already in Season 2 of CG…

Right now i’m more focused on Macross Frontier which also with it’s Macross cliches and few mishaps, looks far more highly promising and i’m enjoying it greatly.

Comment by Metzen

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